Why it's better to have a co-founder for your startup with Robin Singhvi

Author Cristian
Updated Sep 19th, ’22
Category General
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Why it’s better to have a co-founder for your startup

Robin: “I am a solo founder and that comes with its own set of challenges. While I’ve been lucky to have a great support system I now definitely realize the value of having a co-founder, or at least a really good second in command who is on this wild ride with you. Having to deal with the ups and downs as a solo founder is fine, but I know what I will not ever do with my next startup is to go solo again. If you can, have a co-founder.”

Cristian: “Can’t you get a co-founder right now?”

Robin: “I can, I absolutely can and I am looking, but it’s not the same as when the two, or three, or four of you like have the germ of an idea together and grow with it together it’s very different from having an idea and then finding someone to buy into it.”