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Combining the best of product-led growth and sales

Combining the best of product-led growth and sales | Vincent Jong - Dealfront

In this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, the host, Cristian Dina, interviews Vincent Jong, the VP of product at Dealfront. Vincent provides insights into merging Ecobot and Leadfeeder to form Dealfront, a go-to-market platform for B2B companies. He explains how Dealfront helps B2B companies identify their target market and understand website traffic data.

Vincent gives a background on his career journey, highlighting his business development experiences, his company, and his time at Zoominfo. He discusses the motivation behind his new book, “Product-Led Stales,” which focuses on the fusion of product-led growth (PLG) and traditional sales approaches. Vincent’s book addresses the challenge of integrating PLG principles into businesses already adept in traditional sales methods, offering practical insights on effectively combining both strategies.

How to leverage product-led growth

He shares that the book caters to a broad audience in the B2B software space, including product leaders, founders, and revenue executives. Vincent delves into the evolution of PLG, emphasizing its expanded scope beyond viral growth to encompass onboarding, retention, and expansion of customer contracts. He stresses the significance of combining PLG and sales, likening it to adjusting a water faucet to achieve the optimal balance for each business’s unique needs.

Furthermore, Vincent addresses common mistakes companies make when adopting PLG or transitioning from traditional sales, emphasizing the need for collaboration rather than competition between sales and PLG. He warns against overlooking the value gained from existing sales processes and advises against overly ambitious steps that can stall momentum.

Drawing from his role as an advisor to other companies, Vincent shares that he primarily helps businesses with pragmatic strategies to validate their ideas and advance to the next level. Returning to Dealfront, he elaborates on the challenges of merging two companies and outlines the team’s focus on new offerings following the merger.

Vincent reveals that his book is set to launch in April to provide valuable insights for companies navigating the PLG and sales landscape. He invites interested individuals to for more information and updates about the book launch.

Overall, the episode comprehensively explores Vincent Jong’s career journey, his expertise in product management, and his forthcoming book addressing the synergy between PLG and traditional sales within the B2B software space.