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How to scale B2B sales quickly without trial & error

How to scale B2B sales quickly without trial & error | Manuel Hartmann - Sales Playbook

In this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, our host is joined by Manuel Hartmann, a sales expert who shares his valuable insights on how to scale B2B sales quickly and effectively. Manuel starts by sharing his experiences of starting up his own company in March 2019 and how he faced challenges in building outbound sales and losing potential deals. He conducted 100 interviews for potential SaaS hires but only signed and subsequently lost one employee. The main challenge in the early stages of a business, he says, is to hit Message Market Fit, which makes the business repeatable.

How to hit message-market-fit

During the podcast, the speaker looks back over the last 12 months of his company, where he has faced hypergrowth and building a big team in the startup world. His company scaled to seven-figure revenue without having a defined product, and they hired too many people before figuring out the product-market fit. His insights into the growth stages of a startup are informative – zero to one is about finding message market fit and making it repeatable, one to ten is about scaling efficiently and not having a sales team until message market fit is achieved, and beyond ten million, sales teams of ten to thirty people are typical.

One of the key takeaways from this podcast is the discussion on message market fit. He highlights how this is the foundation of scaling a company and that all founders should experience this. Manuel points out how many companies focus more on the product, but it is vital to have a significant emphasis on sales that drive the company’s success. He stresses that the key to scaling is making sales repeatable while keeping costs low. He identifies LinkedIn and email as essential tools for starting the sales process and guiding the customer throughout the process to ensure success.

This podcast episode was valuable for those looking to scale B2B sales and build a successful startup. Manuel’s insights into finding message market fit, focusing on outbound sales, and building a strong sales team are practical and useful to any entrepreneur. This podcast provides information for anyone looking to improve their sales processes and scale their company quickly and effectively.