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Create personalized product demos to close more deals

Create personalized product demos to close more deals | Vikas Potta - Fable

In the latest episode of our podcast, we had the opportunity to hear from the founder of Fable, Vikas. This startup aims to revolutionize the demo process for mid-market and enterprise companies. They prioritize being a valuable part of their customers’ selling process over selling to as many companies as possible. The goal of Fable is to solve the problem of GTM teams not having control over their demos and to allow customers to control them without involving the engineering team.

Fable does outbound activities from a founder level to get enterprise clients to connect with people and determine if their product can solve their pain. Outbound activities are seen as the company’s primary revenue-generating point of view. Fable has also invested in brand marketing exercises, such as starting a podcast to increase brand recall value. Joining Slack communities and closed group networks to increase interaction with GTM teams has also worked well.

The episode also discusses some of the challenges faced by startup founders. The speaker notes that founding a startup can be lonely, even with investors and co-founders. Small and big issues may arise, and calling for help is important. Asking for help allows people who have been through similar experiences to share their stories and offer advice.

In conclusion, the episode provides insights into Fable’s mission to be an integral part of their customers’ selling process, not just another SaaS tool. It also discusses some of the challenges that startups face, such as needing outside help and prioritizing time and resources. Vikas also shares their admiration for other successful SaaS products and underscores the importance of having a good product and go-to-market strategy. Overall, the podcast is an enlightening discussion for those interested in the startup and SaaS industry.