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Personalized buying rooms to build a two-way purchasing process

How to create personalized buying rooms to build a two-way purchasing process | Adam Baker - dealpad

As a sales professional or an entrepreneur, you know that closing deals is crucial for success. In this episode, we enjoyed hearing from a sales expert who founded, scaled, and exited two SaaS companies as CEO with $20M in revenues. He built and led global SaaS sales organizations, having worked at Salesforce as the VP of Sales.

Adam discussed how many sales teams struggle to close deals and meet stretch targets, particularly in the enterprise market. They attributed this issue to problems with people, such as lacking the right people or maintaining their engagement and the lack of alignment with buyers.

To tackle these challenges, he created dealpad, which helps companies book revenue by providing access to the buying committee and facilitating engagement and alignment. Dealpad helps identify whether all the right stakeholders are engaged and if the deal is worth pursuing, saving time and boosting revenue by avoiding wasted efforts on deals that don’t close. Moreover, we discuss how dealpad addresses the challenges companies face in their sales processes, enabling sellers to align with buyers and centralize everything in one place.

The importance of alignment with buyers

Additionally, we touch upon the need for education around sales software, how dealpad qualifies its prospects, its four main marketing channels, and its North Star metric of helping customers book more revenue. Adam revealed the four main channels for their marketing efforts: customer referrals, conferences and events, LinkedIn, and SEO. Customers have praised the effectiveness of their services in closing deals and increasing win rates. Dealpad integrates with multiple CRMs, including HubSpot and Salesforce.

During the discussion, the podcast discusses the challenges of building sales software, breaking into an embryonic market, gaining time with the ideal customers, and turning down a good investment deal because it didn’t align with their values and goals. They recently turned down a good investment deal because the terms weren’t right for them. The company’s revenue trajectory is good, and they’ve chosen to build at their own pace, potentially taking investment later to help scale quickly.

One key takeaway from this episode is that alignment is key when making decisions regarding investment, buying something, or any other decision. The goal should always be to move the needle on the revenue-booking metric, and anything that facilitates that should be prioritized. Listen to the full dealpad podcast to find out more!