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Double your engagement with personalized images

Double your outreach engagement with personalized images | Ian Naylor - Hyperise

Are you struggling to connect with your audience and increase engagement rates? Do you want to know the secret to boost your call-to-action conversions? Look no further than the latest episode of our podcast!

We recently interviewed the CEO of Hyperise, a company that stumbled upon the power of personalization by sheer accident. Initially focused on marketing organization businesses, they discovered that salespeople relied heavily on email to reach potential clients during the pandemic. Their product proved highly effective in supporting such communications, and thus their business took off in this new direction.

The guest also offers advice for those looking to start their businesses. He emphasizes the importance of taking small steps quickly and validating ideas without investing too much money. He uses Airbnb as an example of validating an idea without spending much money. They started by talking to people at an airport, helping them find places to stay rather than building complex infrastructure.

How to use personalization to increase conversions

Personalization is a critical tool that businesses can use to engage with their customers, and it starts with leveraging the power of AI and data. Companies that use personalized images can double or even triple their engagement rates, leading to people taking action. We discussed how AI could be used for image personalization, which triggers a pattern interrupt in the subconscious brain and increases engagement rates.

Personalization can be achieved in a number of ways, but image personalization specifically has proven to be highly effective since humans process images faster than text. By personalizing images with user data, businesses can increase user engagement rates, boost event attendance, and even drive higher conversions without breaking the bank. Ian explains that personalization is the future of marketing, with the brain processing images 60,000 times quicker than text.

This podcast provides valuable insights into the importance of personalization in marketing and the use of technology, specifically AI, to achieve this goal. It also shares helpful advice for those looking to start their businesses and emphasizes the importance of team cohesion and balancing technology with a company’s original roadmap.