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Generate leads easily and get contact information in just one click

Generate leads easily and get qualified contact information in just one click | Nils Luning - Kaspr

About Kaspr

Nils: Kaspr is a lead generation tool made for anyone who’s doing prospection. It allows you to go through LinkedIn with an extension and receive or obtain people’s email addresses and phone numbers for sale purposes. Through Kaspr, you can manage those leads by exporting them into your CRM, creating automation, and so forth. We help companies be more effective when finding leads instead of spending hours trying to find people’s contact information.

Best Kaspr features

Nils: The first is sales automation, which allows you to do bulk enrichment. Instead of finding people’s contact information one by one, you can do them several at a time. You can also do LinkedIn messaging, which is automation, but it allows you to contact several people through LinkedIn via a LinkedIn workflow. And the third practical feature, I would say, is the advanced search. It’s a specific search down on LinkedIn through our extension. If you do the regular search first and can’t find a phone number, you can do the advanced search, which will do a deeper dive into the web and try to find a phone number. It’s usually pretty successful.

Kaspr pricing plans

Nils: It depends on what plan you choose to have. When you consider what plan you should choose, it depends on the size of your team, your company, and the purpose of your perfection. The enterprise plan, our most extensive plan, costs 45 euros per month. That allows you to have all the features of Kaspr. And then we also have the startup plan for smaller teams, it doesn’t have all the features, but most of them, and it costs 30 years per month, which allows you to have different amounts of credits per month. The startup will enable you to have 50 credits per month, which means 50 contact information, and the Kaspr Enterprise plan allows you to have a hundred credits per month. But of course, if you’re a bigger team, you can always choose a more extensive plan or have more licenses for your team.

Kaspr featured integrations

Nils: We have quite a few. The main one is LinkedIn, but we have HubSpot, Salesforce, Sendinblue, Pipedrive, Zapier, and lemlist.

How competitive is the lead generation space?

Nils: It’s a very competitive environment. There are a lot of vendors who do this and have this sort of business approach. Our main competitor is Lusha, an American company, but we have found a pretty strong foothold in the market. Recently we became a part of the Cognism company, which allowed us to get a stronger foothold in the market and allowed us to push prices. We have different target groups. Kaspr targets companies that are between 50 and, I’d say, maybe 500 employees. And if they want more flexible plans and focus on more prominent companies that need a lot of credits, they can use Cognism.

Did anything change since the acquisition for you internally?

Nils: Well, our team has grown a lot. We have a lot of new employees, we have launched in many different countries and are planning to launch into new countries ahead. Overall, we are growing in every aspect of the business.

What is your story, Nils?

Nils: I was a student and I moved to Paris in 2021. I was in my year abroad, and I did one semester in school and was supposed to work the other semester. I found an internship at Kaspr as an SDR. They accepted me, and I started as an SDR and worked here for six months, and it was excellent as I learned a lot about sales prospection and tech tools in general. And then I moved back home to Stockholm for the summer, and now I have just started again, returned to Kaspr, and now I’m responsible for partnerships. I work from the Cognism office, and a few others in the Kaspr team also work remotely from London.

Any advice for students who want to get an internship at a software company?

Nils: Well, it’s great if you have prior experience, of course, but if you don’t, I think the most crucial part is to have a well-formed resume to keep it very tight and effective. The letter you’re writing shouldn’t be that generic. It should be specific, and it should be precise about what kind of person you are and what floss you have, which is very important to include, I think, because no one is perfect, and it’s essential to have that self-reflection on yourself; otherwise, I know it’s hard to get a job right after graduation. You’ll have to be open-minded about what you can work with, start somewhere, and climb your way.

The challenges of starting as an SDR

Nils: The challenges of perspective that I think can be helpful is that when I started as an SDR, in the beginning, it was pretty difficult to book meetings and close deals. But what I learned, and what I’ve learned even more now that I’ve been in partnerships, is to break apart from being a professional all the time. And also see your clients as human beings that enjoy having conversations and meetings with people and talking about things that aren’t always connected to work or professionalism. Always try to create and establish a personal relationship with all your customers and clients, making it much easier to keep them as clients in the future and generate or develop long-term relationships. Probably this is the most important thing that I learned.

From an SDR to a partnerships manager

Nils: I really enjoyed being SDR. I love sales. As the partnerships manager, now I’m not targeting companies, and I’m more targeting people and trying to find people suitable for partnerships programs and affiliation programs who can show off Kasp in a significant way and be beneficial for those people as well. It’s more of a people’s industry now for me, more than a target customer in the customer industry. I can say that from my experience as an SDR, I learned a lot that is useful now for me within partnerships. For example, just finding partners is not the easiest job. And with my SDR experience of prospection, it’s a lot easier for me to use that mindset to find new partners.

What’s your favorite software apart from Kaspr?

Nils: Apart from Kaspr, I’ll have to say HubSpot. It’s a great CRM, and it allows you to track all your customers to create particular email templates and call opportunity schemes that are very easy to follow. It’s a great platform for an SDR.

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Cristian Dina

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Managing Partner & SaaS Podcast Host @ Tekpon

As one of the founding members of Tekpon, Cristian has worn many hats within the company, but perhaps none shines brighter than his role as the charismatic host of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast. Cristian is a community builder at heart, being the Bucharest city leader for SaaStock Local and the author of the best-selling book King of Networking.

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