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Get a dedicated full-time autonomous product designer

How to get a dedicated full-time autonomous product designer | Ilya Dmitruk - Eleken

In today’s episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, host Cristian Dina interviews Ilya Dmitruk, the CEO and co-founder of Eleken, a pragmatic design agency for SaaS applications. Ilya shares insights about Eleken’s unique approach to providing dedicated full-time autonomous product designers for SaaS companies.

Ilya explains that Eleken focuses exclusively on UX design for SaaS applications. He mentions that many SaaS companies face the challenge of finding a design partner or hiring an in-house designer as they grow and develop their products. Eleken fills this gap by offering a team of 40+ designers who work remotely without relying on freelancers or external contractors.

The biggest problem Eleken solves for SaaS companies is enabling direct communication with designers. Ilya emphasizes the importance of daily collaboration and iterative approaches in the design process. Eleken aims to provide a seamless experience for their clients, ensuring progressive results and a deep understanding of their design needs.

Eleken specializes in UI/UX design and operates on a monthly retaining model based on a subscription. When clients engage with Eleken, they are assigned a full-time designer who works exclusively with them. This approach eliminates the need for a middleman and ensures direct communication between the client and the designer. The minimum engagement period is two months, providing clients with dedicated design support for their SaaS application.

Ilya highlights three typical situations where Eleken works with clients. They assist with starting a product from scratch, such as an MVP, often with one or two founders. They also help with redesigns when a product has been on the market for several years and requires a new direction. Lastly, Eleken collaborates with established companies that even have their team of designers but need additional support due to workload.

When asked about his journey in design, Ilya confesses that he became interested in the field after dropping out of university. He started as a UX designer in 2012 and eventually founded Eleken after three years of experience. The episode concludes with Ilya sharing how he initially acquired customers through the popular design platform Dribbble. By showcasing his work and gaining attention on the platform, Ilya received inquiries that led to the establishment of Eleken.

This episode provides valuable insights into Eleken’s unique offering of dedicated full-time designers for SaaS companies. The discussion highlights the importance of direct communication, iterative processes, and the long-term value that Eleken brings its clients.