How to automate mobile app security checks

How to automate mobile app security checks | Harshit Agarwal - Appknox

In the latest episode of the podcast, we invited Harshit Agarwal, the CEO of Appknox. Appknox is a leader in mobile app security for enterprises. During the episode, Harshit discussed Appknox’s focus on automating the mobile app security journey for enterprises.

Appknox started struggling financially around 2018. He mentions that the company was closing 5 customers monthly, but revenue was not growing due to high churn. They identified that serving larger enterprises could be more valuable and repositioned their product accordingly. They conducted problem discovery sessions with prospects to better position their product. Harshit recommends identifying the right Ideal Customer Profile and focusing on a single vertical when transitioning from Small and Medium-sized SMBs to Enterprises.

By shifting to enterprises, the company’s deal sizes grew from $3k to $40k per year. Harshit mentions the length of time a company has been in the cybersecurity industry is important in building trust and credibility. Due to the small team size and pandemic restrictions, they have focused on acquiring more regional channel partners to build credibility with local customers. This has enabled the company to close deals with banks and government agencies.

He advises that founders should take finance seriously, especially during tough times. He emphasizes that it is important to speak to prospects and customers with empathy and actively listen to their problems. Harshit also recommends having a good team for startup success and mentions that awkward silence during conversations with prospects can yield valuable insights.

In conclusion, the Tekpon SaaS Podcast’s latest episode provides insights into automating mobile app security checks and building trust with enterprises. Harshit’s experience building a startup and insights into becoming leaders in mobile app security provide valuable insights for entrepreneurs, founders, and startups on the importance of pivoting, identifying the right ICP, and cracking the code on enterprise sales.