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How to release faster with automated integration testing

How to release faster with automated integration testing | Shailendra Singh - HyperTest

In this episode, Shailendra Singh shares his experience and insights on building successful startups and growing them to achieve long-term sustainability. HyperTest has found success working with around 35 companies in India, which translates to around 80 teams, and they are now focusing on getting more customers in the US. Although they are still in the early stages and have an ARR of around $300-350k, the product has a strong problem-solution fit, with all customers from last year renewing this year. They are working on building a product that meets customer desires exactly, and exploring the US market will be crucial in determining value and pricing.

Shailendra draws from his own experience in API testing to explain how his startup, Hypertests, benefited from working with a large, mature engineering team at a public company in India that is essentially the Amazon of the beauty space. He stresses the importance of building good practices when working with such large, enterprise-level customers, as it can help startups improve their focus on quality and performance early on, which makes subsequent customer acquisitions much easier.

Many founders or engineers assume that building a good product is enough to retain customers, but that is not the case. Startups should invest in customer success right from day 1 by having a dedicated team to help customers get trained on the software and understand their needs. Even if the product is rough around the edges, a good customer success process can make customers feel special and loved. Startups should manage retention by making customers feel heard and resolving their complaints promptly.

In summary, Shailendra Singh provides many insights for startup founders looking to grow their businesses and achieve long-term goals. By building good practices when working with larger, more mature customers focusing on the problem-solution fit, investing in customer success right from day 1, and exploring markets to determine value and pricing, startups can grow and succeed in the long run.