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How to become a confident investor in 14 days or less

How to become a confident investor in 14 days or less | Sean Tepper - Tykr

In this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, host Cristian Dina interviews Sean Tepper, the founder and CEO of Tykr. Tykr is a B2C SaaS company that helps individuals manage their investments confidently. Sean explains that Tykr offers a platform that serves as a screener, educational tool, and stock and crypto investment management solution.

The platform includes educational content delivered to users via daily emails and separate courses. Sean notes that Tykr covers stocks, ETFs, and crypto, providing comprehensive analysis and guidance for users to make informed investment decisions. He emphasizes the importance of value investing and uses Tykr’s platform to introduce crypto traders to this approach to investment.

Sean discusses the three most loved features of the platform. He highlights the watch list feature, which allows users to add stocks and receive email notifications when there are changes, gamifying the investment experience. He also mentions the stocks table feature, allowing users to search, filter, and sort stocks. Additionally, he introduces the new four M tool powered by OpenAI, which automates the analysis of four critical aspects of investment: Margin of Safety, Meaning, Moat, and Management, helping users make more informed decisions efficiently.

When asked how the platform deals with negative news impacting stock risk, Sean explains that the platform focuses on objective financial data, such as earnings reports, rather than emotional-driven news. He draws attention to the platform’s focus on data-driven notifications and the importance of avoiding emotionally charged alerts, especially for highly volatile assets like Tesla.

Sean also provides insights into Tykrs’s customer base, of which approximately 80% are beginner investors, and the remaining 20% are more experienced users. He mentions his plans to eventually partner with brokers to expand the platform’s reach and help new investors build wealth through regular investment activities.

Sean concludes the episode by emphasizing the vision for Tykr, which revolves around helping individuals achieve financial independence by making informed investment decisions. He underlines the growing interest in investing, particularly in stocks and crypto, and highlights the platform’s role in guiding users toward value-based investing.

Overall, the episode offers a comprehensive look at Tykr’s approach to empowering individuals to take control of their investments, Sean’s entrepreneurial journey, and the company’s future aspirations. The insightful conversation provides a valuable understanding of the company’s mission and the innovative tools it provides to support individuals on their investment journeys.