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Accept payments from any device from any country

Accept payments from any device from any country | Gabriela Florea - Verifone

In this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, host Cristian Dina interviews Gabriela Florea, the Conversion Rate Optimization manager at Verifone, focusing on the company’s e-commerce division. Gabriela provides insights into Verifone and 2Ckechout‘s all-in-one monetization platform, their top features, pricing, integrations, and their competitive space in the market.

Gabriela explains that Verifone is a fintech leader that provides end-to-end payment and commerce solutions to renowned brands and 600,000 merchants worldwide. The company’s main aim is to enable omnichannel commerce and provide shoppers with flexible and innovative buying options at a global level.

2Checkout is an integral part of Verifone’s e-commerce division, offering digital services, global payments, subscription billing, merchandising, taxes, and compliance to help businesses expand globally without needing an in-house team. Gabriela emphasizes that 2Checkout’s services cater to businesses of all sizes, making it an accessible platform for small and large businesses.

Online payment processing

The platform offers numerous features such as global payments, reporting analytics, global taxes, and comprehensive support for merchants and shoppers. Be it product setup, renewals, follow-up emails, or A/B testing, 2Checkout covers all aspects of e-commerce, helping businesses run smoothly while focusing on driving revenue growth.

Throughout the interview, Gabriela provides valuable insights into her career journey, challenges, and lessons in managing teams and maintaining a vibrant team culture. She shares her career advice, emphasizing the importance of patience, hands-on learning, and the significance of internships for those entering the field.

Lastly, Gabriela shares about the CRO knowledge repository, an online resource she created to assist those interested in the field of CRO, with a wealth of information ranging from webinars, podcasts, and books to follow. She also encourages individuals to start early, gather knowledge, and make the most of internships to gain a head start in their careers.

In conclusion, the episode offers significant insights into the world of e-commerce, emphasizing the importance of innovative solutions, flexibility, and robust team dynamics in driving revenue growth and success for businesses. With its valuable advice and firsthand experiences, the episode serves as a comprehensive guide for individuals eager to enter the dynamic world of payment solutions and e-commerce management.