How to boost online car sales with AI photography

How to boost online car sales with AI photography | Sanjay Varnwal - Spyne

In this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, host Cristian Dina speaks with guest Sanjay Varnwal, the founder of Spyne, about how AI photography can boost online car sales. Sanjay initially faced the challenge of getting catalogs online, which involved hiring freelancers and photographers and was a time-consuming process. Recognizing the potential of computer vision technology, Sanjay focused on solving this problem for the automobile industry. He successfully implemented AI-powered car photography solutions for clients worldwide, including major countries like Brazil, Europe, the US, Canada, India, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

Sanjay shares a remarkable success story about a large Indian brand that planned to launch a used car business in 30 cities across India. Traditional car studios were expensive, costing around $40 to $50,000 to set up each studio. Sanjay’s company deployed their application to all 30 cities using field personnel to overcome this. It utilized video shooting experiences to create a uniform premium studio experience for cars shot in different cities. As a result, they could go live with 3,000 cars in just a few months instead of a year, saving significant costs.

Expanding the business to the US presented another set of challenges, including hiring, market development, and establishing processes. Through pilot projects and collaborations, Sanjay’s company successfully introduced the concept of shooting car ads on open grounds instead of expensive studios, saving large companies thousands of dollars. They set up lightweight studios, ran successful pilots, and established credibility for the new approach.

This episode provides valuable insights into how AI-powered photography can revolutionize online car sales. By overcoming traditional challenges and implementing innovative solutions, Sanjay and his company, Spyne, are transforming how car ads are produced and helping dealerships thrive in the digital age.