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How to build a winning revenue team

How to build a winning revenue team | Sara Storm - Break The Box

In this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, host Cristian Dina welcomes Sara Storm, the founder of Breakthebox, to discuss her extensive experience and insights in the revenue game. Sara’s background includes over 22 years in various revenue roles, from selling on the streets to holding VP and CRO positions before founding Breakthebox. She expresses her passion for revenue, marketing, and sales, emphasizing its significance in business.

Sara introduces Breakthebox as a consultancy house offering revenue training and consultancy services for SaaS companies, focusing on fixing revenue issues for startups and scale-ups. She unveils their upcoming project, “Skills,” an application designed to provide microlearning sessions and community support for revenue professionals. Additionally, she delves into the company’s advisory work with AI and sales coaching initiatives, reflecting the dynamic changes in the revenue space.

The conversation shifts to the challenges of scaling a revenue team within SaaS companies. Sara emphasizes the need for a minimum team size to work on revenue issues effectively. She stresses the difficulties of scaling from a small team to a larger one. She discusses the need to focus on efficient revenue generation, especially given the changing landscape with AI taking over repetitive tasks.

Sara delves into the intricacies of building a revenue team, highlighting the importance of the first five hires in shaping the team’s culture and success. She emphasizes the significance of diversity within the team, advocating for a mix of perspectives and experiences rather than a homogenous group of individuals. Sara also shares her philosophy and experiences, citing the importance of long-term customer success over short-term capitalistic gains.

Moreover, Sara provides valuable insights and advice for individuals in sales roles, including the significance of having a mentor, adapting to the evolving sales landscape, and continuous training and learning. She emphasizes the need for individuals and organizations to be mindful of the transformations in the sales profession and adapt proactively.

Throughout the episode, Sara’s passion and expertise shine, leaving Cristian impressed by her perspective and enthusiasm for her work. The information shared in the episode encompasses practical advice, strategic insights, and a call for a shift in the approach to sales and revenue operations within SaaS companies.

The episode captures Sara Storm’s invaluable take on revenue, sales, and building a successful revenue team, offering listeners actionable strategies and a fresh perspective on the evolving landscape of revenue generation within the SaaS industry.