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How to connect B2B marketing to pipeline and revenue

How to connect B2B marketing to pipeline and revenue | Laura Erdem - Dreamdata

In this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, host Cristian Dina interviews Laura Erdem, the Sales Leader at Dreamdata. Dreamdata is a go-to-market platform that helps companies understand what drives revenue, particularly in the B2B space, where it can be challenging to attribute marketing efforts to sales and new business. Throughout the episode, Laura shares insights into the importance of attribution in marketing, how Dreamdata addresses this challenge, and the power of social selling.

The conversation starts by discussing the difficulties in understanding marketing campaigns’ impact on revenue due to the delayed results often seen in B2B marketing. Laura emphasizes the importance of understanding the touches in the customer journey to determine the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. She explains that Dreamdata addresses this challenge by normalizing data, collecting it from various sources, and presenting it in a way that helps companies understand and automate campaigns that contribute to closing more revenue.

The conversation shifts to the evolution of Dreamdata’s sales and marketing approach, particularly its pivot towards inbound marketing. Laura shares how the company has transitioned from a predominantly marketing-led and sales-handheld process to a streamlined inbound model, focusing on warming up leads through intent channels and providing a streamlined trial experience.

The latter part of the podcast conversation delves into social selling and its impact. Laura, known for her expertise in social selling, provides insights into key strategies for effective social selling, emphasizes consistency and enablement, and shares her experience in launching a social selling course.

Throughout the conversation, Laura’s poise and vitality shine through, offering valuable insights into B2B marketing, sales, and social selling, making it a compelling listen for those interested in revenue attribution and sales strategies in the SaaS industry.