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How to deliver secure software changes at scale

How to deliver secure software changes at scale | Mike Long - Kosli

In this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, host Cristian Dina interviews Mike Long, the founder and CEO of Kosli. Kosli is a platform in the DevOps space that specializes in compliance and audit for regulated industries. Mike explains how the tool helps these industries meet their auditors’ requirements without the burden of paperwork and bureaucracy.

Mike begins by using an analogy to explain the importance of compliance in software development. Just like when you buy a coffee and ask for a receipt to expense it, software engineers in regulated industries must maintain a record of all the code reviews, security scans, and deployments to meet regulatory standards. Kosli helps customers collect this evidence and streamline their compliance processes.

Mike shares that Kosli was founded four years ago. As a technologist with a background in computer science, he recognized the recurring challenges faced by organizations in regulated industries. The need for a process, adherence to that process, and the availability of proof (receipts) were universal requirements. However, no comprehensive system existed to address these needs specifically for DevOps workflows. Kosli fills this gap and has helped organizations like a crypto exchange automate and streamline their compliance processes, resulting in significant time savings during audits.

In conclusion, this episode provides insights into how Kosli helps regulated industries deliver secure software changes at scale. By collecting and organizing the necessary evidence and providing automation features, Kosli simplifies compliance and audit processes, reducing the time and effort required for software audits in regulated industries.