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How to detect your highest quality leads

How to detect your highest quality leads | Desiree-Jessica Pely -

In this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, host Cristian Dina interviews Desiree-Jessica Pely, the CEO and founder of The sales tool facilitates the matching of buyers and sellers in a unique marketplace approach. It leverages web scraping to identify and suggest high-quality leads to companies, enabling them to penetrate promising markets.

Desiree-Jessica explains that aims to address the sales inefficiencies in the market and assists companies in identifying the right ideal customer profile (ICP) and target companies. One of the critical problems they solve is helping companies, particularly in the current economy, to determine which accounts to target for the highest ROI and conversion rates, especially when dealing with different markets and high-growth potential areas.

When asked about the most loved features by their customers, Desiree-Jessica highlights the ability of to delve one level deeper than other tools, providing deep-level insights from web scraping. These insights include information on pricing strategy, security and compliance, industry-specific insights, and competitor research, which are highly sought after by their customers.

The episode also delves into the company’s initial traction, as Desiree-Jessica shares how they secured their first customers through a targeted outbound LinkedIn strategy. She emphasizes the significance of building a customer advisory board and leveraging their feedback to validate the product’s market fit and prioritize features.

Desiree-Jessica offers advice for founders looking to build their network and mentions the significance of approaching people, confidently expressing the importance of clear communication in outreach efforts. The episode concludes with a discussion of the company’s vision, plans, and Desiree-Jessica’s career journey, highlighting her extensive experience in consulting, finance, academia, and entrepreneurship.

The episode presents a comprehensive overview of, discussing its innovative approach to sales efficiency. These unique features resonate with customers, the market transition from Europe to the US, go-to-market strategies, and the journey of the CEO and founder, Desiree-Jessica Pely. The episode provides valuable insights for aspiring and established SaaS founders, addressing challenges and opportunities in the industry.