How to find hidden sales opportunities in your user base

How to find and convert hidden sales opportunities in your user base | Itamar Falcon - Coho AI

In this podcast episode, our guest is Itamar Falcon, the co-founder, and CEO of Coho AI. We sat down and discussed finding and converting hidden sales opportunities within your user base.

The main challenge faced by Coho AI is awareness. Many companies tend to consider in-house solutions and may not be aware of the existence or capabilities of Coho. Itamar highlights that although their solution may sound like magic, it is rooted in data science. The speaker also shares his success in utilizing traditional marketing methods, attending conferences, and leveraging Google as part of their marketing strategy.

Why you should view product development like a scientist that develops an experiment

The episode also delves into the importance of delivering the right messaging to the right people at the right time. Itamar shares how they looked at usage as a proxy for determining the value users were getting from the product before monetization. However, they realized a significant gap between usage and value once monetization started, as the value users derive from the product is unique to each customer. He explains the importance of focusing on what is critical to answering the hypothesis in product development rather than getting distracted by other factors or customer demands. The speaker also highlights the significance of considering pricing early in the conversation, as pricing should be a key consideration from the start.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of product-market fit, defined by how quickly value can be demonstrated to customers about the price. Itamar believes that the best evidence of product-market fit is when new customers quickly understand the product’s value and see it as higher than the price tag. However, he acknowledges the challenges of developing a product that can serve different types of companies with a generic data structure.

Overall, this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast provides valuable insights into finding and converting hidden sales opportunities within your user base. Itamar Falcon’s experiences as an entrepreneur and co-founder of Coho AI shed light on the importance of partnership, product-market fit, and delivering tailored experiences in the SaaS industry. Listeners are sure to gain valuable knowledge and strategies from this engaging episode.