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Eliminate bottlenecks and streamline your sales process

How to eliminate bottlenecks and streamline your sales process | Carl Carell - GetAccept

In this Tekpon SaaS Podcast episode, Carl Carell, the CRO and co-founder at GetAccept, joins the show to discuss eliminating bottlenecks and streamlining your sales process. GetAccept is the biggest player and leading space in their industry, providing a solution for B2B sellers to build a sales process and buying journey that supports complex buying decisions, competitive markets, and the need for stronger business cases.

The episode begins with Carl sharing GetAccept’s journey of onboarding 20 businesses in their network in 2015 and converting eight to paying customers. One of the paying customers was a hospitality group that ended up investing in GetAccept and becoming an essential part of their tech stack.

How GetAccept created a new software category

Our guest explains that selling has changed significantly in the past five years, with more accessible information available through review sites and product marketing. As a result, buyers find it challenging to understand the differences between different products, while sellers struggle to stand out and build personal relationships. As the pandemic and economic downturns have made buying decisions more complex with added stakeholders and an increased need for stronger business cases, building a sales process and buying journey that supports these challenges is essential for B2B sellers.

GetAccept has created a seller and buyer enablement platform to help account executives become better salespeople. They created a new category of software focused on helping businesses win more deals by building stronger relationships. The digital salesroom solves the problem of having multiple communication threads by providing a single place for sales content and communication with buyers and colleagues. The platform includes features like sales decks, proposals, and e-signatures to help facilitate collaboration between buyer and seller parties. The goal is to reach a decision quickly, even if the outcome is that the two parties are not a good fit for each other.

The speaker and their team of co-founders have past experience with good and bad partnerships. They noticed a trend in the B2B sales world where many sales opportunities ended in no decision or response. They created GetAccepted to solve this problem, as they had experienced it and saw it with their customers.

In conclusion, this episode is packed with useful insights into B2B selling, building an effective sales process, and the crucial role of technology and founder input in streamlining sales processes. B2B sellers looking to eliminate bottlenecks and streamline their sales processes would find the episode immensely valuable.