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How to supercharge your email campaigns with AI

How to supercharge your email campaigns with AI | Amaury de Larauze - Kiliba

In the latest episode of the podcast, we are interviewing Amaury de Larauze, founder of Kiliba, a marketing automation company that utilizes the power of artificial intelligence. With 15 years of experience in the marketing automation market, Amaury has observed that implementing marketing automation can be a complex process, especially for emergent companies. Marketing automation involves using automatic email communication for actions such as creating or abandoning accounts on a website. However, with the increasing amount of data available, it has become challenging for marketers to analyze and utilize all the information effectively.

To address this problem, they are using AI to help segment and target people more effectively. Their product can create 30 scenarios in just 10 minutes, a feat that could take other solutions years to achieve. This is crucial as the main challenge for marketers nowadays is the lack of time available to them.

Amaury’s long-term goal is to disrupt the $12 billion market in email marketing by completely changing it. He envisions becoming a worldwide leader and creating a 100% open rate for emails, akin to how people eagerly open emails from family and friends. With its unique approach and AI-driven software, Kiliba differentiates itself from competitors. The software plugs into websites such as Shopify, eliminating the need for marketers to take any action. This saves marketers a lot of time compared to competitors like Klaviyo or MailChimp.

Lessons learned after 15 years in the marketing automation space

Moreover, Amaury discusses how his sales experience led him to adopt a different approach to selling Kiliba. Instead of relying solely on a product-led growth strategy, he believes in the power of physical meetings and cold calling. He believes in creating a positive and energetic atmosphere among sales teams, highlighting the effectiveness of working together in an office setting for sales sessions.

Amaury also shares his own experiences and lessons learned. He admits to making a big mistake by waiting months to fundraise, which almost led to running out of money. However, he eventually received the fundraising money and quickly hired 30 people within three months. This experience taught him the importance of screening potential hires for alignment with company values and avoiding such mistakes in the future.

In summary, this episode provides valuable insights into managing marketing automation with the power of AI. Amaury de Larauze shares his experiences and lessons learned as a founder, emphasizing the importance of hope, building a strong team, and prioritizing personal relationships. He also highlights the unique offerings of Kiliba and its potential to disrupt the email marketing market.