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How to turn your customer service into a profit center

How to turn your customer service into a profit center | Milagros Gonzales - Gorgias

In the episode, our guest Milagros Gonzales from Gorgias discusses the importance of customer service in the e-commerce industry and how it can be transformed into a revenue-generating center. Milagros shares valuable insights and information about Gorgias, a customer experience platform that simplifies and optimizes business support processes.

Gorgias is a hub for customer inquiries and support tickets, streamlining the support process for e-commerce businesses. It helps handle inquiries faster and more efficiently, ensuring a smooth, personalized customer experience. She emphasizes that exceptional customer service should be considered a strategic advantage and encourages investment in CX. Businesses can use tools like Gorgias to improve customer satisfaction, retention, and brand reputation and drive business growth.

Milagros discusses the challenges e-commerce businesses face in managing multiple support channels such as social media, chat, email, and SMS. She explains that Gorgias simplifies this by providing a single interface for merchants to manage all their support channels. The significant role of customer support in e-commerce businesses is emphasized, especially considering the high cost of customer acquisition and the importance of retention.

Our guest shares a case study of Broomate, a premium drinkware and cooler company, whose average response time dropped from 5 hours and 30 minutes to just 1 minute and 30 seconds after implementing Gorgias’ live chat. As a result, Broomate’s customer support team generated over $9 million in revenue in the last two years, with live chat being the most revenue-generating channel.

Overall, Milagros’s insights shed light on the critical role of customer support in businesses. By prioritizing customer experience and providing exceptional support, businesses can transform their customer service into a profit center, driving business growth and ensuring long-term customer loyalty.