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Deliver exceptional customer service with VoIP

Deliver exceptional customer service with VoIP | Igor Toma - Nuacom

The Tekpon SaaS Podcast’s latest episode features Igor Toma, the founder of Nuacom. Our conversation centers around the importance of exceptional customer service and the role of VoIP in delivering it.

One of the biggest difficulties companies face is engineering challenges, as providing good call quality with low-latency requirements is crucial. Nuacom tackles this challenge head-on by owning the entire infrastructure stack from the backend to the voice component. This approach has helped them build a reliable platform with expert customer service provided by their in-house support team.

How they democratized the VOiP space for SMBs

Igor reveals that he noticed a gap in the market for a phone system that offered SaaS services to small and medium-sized businesses at an affordable price. Nuacom started as a project to solve a problem his friend had faced when running a fast-food shop with a mini call center inside, where most orders were taken over the phone. The friend had to buy, install, and maintain a phone system from expensive companies.

As Igor recognized the potential, he realized that building a phone system as a SaaS model would democratize the product and make it affordable for small and medium-sized businesses. Hence, they built and tested the product through several iterations until the internet infrastructure improved, giving Nuacom its optimal start. Their early adoption of AI and feature implementations – text-to-speech, speech analytics, voice-to-text, and conversational analytics – have ensured they stay ahead in the competitive market.

Our guest also discusses how trust and transparency are essential to customer relationships. The guest asserts that businesses must communicate transparently about their business models, pricing, and monetization, which is essential to developing client trust. According to the guest, the future is AI, and the application of AI in various products will be the next big thing.

In short, the episode delivers valuable insights into the voice communication system industry, customer relations, and the benefits of VoIP technology. The podcast will appeal to entrepreneurs and businesses looking to gain knowledge about this fast-growing industry, especially in the context of Nuacom’s smart communication system solutions.