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How we built the largest SaaS community in the Nordics

How we built the largest SaaS community in the Nordics | Daniel Nackovski, Thomas Sjoberg - SaaSiest

In the latest episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, host Cristian Dina interviews Daniel Nackovski and Thomas Sjoberg, founders of SaaSiest. The discussion focuses on how SaaSiest built the largest SaaS community in the Nordics.

Daniel and Thomas view these events as an opportunity for the community to unite after spending time offline and online. The excitement for the upcoming event in Amsterdam is palpable in their conversation. They emphasize that their vision and mission align with the company’s current goals, aiming to address a gap in sharing and consuming B2B SaaS knowledge in specific regions.

Thomas and Daniel believe in creating a full experience for attendees when organizing events. They highlight the importance of a solid agenda based on the community’s interests and ensuring that attendees feel like they belong to the community. The events are not just about the content but also about food, drinks, parties, and social activities to make attendees enjoy their time and forge personal connections.

SaaSiest Malmo 2024

Their flagship event, Sassiest in Malmo, spans two to three days and incorporates many activities. They have also expanded to Amsterdam due to high demand from the Benelux region, based on demographic data indicating high engagement from the audience. They emphasize the importance of scaling together with the community and selecting locations where the audience is ready for something like their company.

Our guests believe that their authenticity and credibility are derived from their 20 years of experience in the B2B SaaS space. They have encountered and overcome numerous obstacles, which adds to the credibility of their conversation. They acknowledge that having a great audience is crucial for attracting great speakers and co-creating the agenda based on the CEO and executive network’s input.

How to build a strong community

Building a strong community requires deciding what should be charged for and what should be free. Their focus is on creating the most value for everyone involved and ensuring attendees can access recordings and presentations after the event. They admit to learning from their experiences and are thankful for people’s understanding and belief in their approach.

Throughout the episode, Daniel and Thomas reflect on their journey of building the largest SaaS community in the Nordics. They share their experiences, successes, and even the challenges they encountered along the way. The podcast played an instrumental role in connecting with the community, attracting sponsors, and getting the first speakers. Their passion for creating a vibrant community and fostering knowledge exchange shines through, making this episode a must-listen for anyone interested in SaaS and community-building.