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The first accelerator for ambitious SaaS bootstrappers

The first accelerator for ambitious SaaS bootstrappers | Alex McQuade - TinySeed

In this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, host Cristian Dina interviews Alex McQuade, the program director for EMEA at Tinyseed, the first accelerator for SaaS bootstrappers. Our guest shares insights into their role at Tinyseed and the valuable support they provide to founders in the program.

TinySeed accepts applications every six months, with minimum requirements including being a B2B SaaS company and having at least $500 in monthly recurring revenue. The accelerator is focused on scaling companies that already have some traction and are starting to gain product-market fit. During the application process, TinySeed examines various growth metrics, such as MRR, LTV, and churn, among others, to assess the company’s growth trajectory.

One of the key aspects of Tinyseed’s support system is its tailored mentorship for B2B SaaS founders. Mentors in the program are experts in various areas essential to scaling a SaaS business, covering topics such as sales, marketing, pricing, onboarding, and development. For further support, Tinyseed offers playbooks on fundamental topics necessary for scaling a SaaS business. These playbooks are covered every two weeks through live calls with the Tinyseed team, addressing funnels, sales, marketing, hiring, M&A, fundraising, and pricing topics.

About TinySeed

As program managers, Alex and Tracy Osborn make it their priority to ensure that founders are receiving maximum benefits from the program. While they may not always have the answers, they have connections to mentors, other founders, and partners who can provide valuable guidance and expertise.

While the TinySeed program officially lasts a year, support for founders extends beyond that period. Founders have ongoing access to resources and mentoring, even after the year has ended. Alumni can reach out to the program directors for assistance with challenges, ultimately aiming to help Tinyseed companies continue growing.

The episode also touches on MicroConf, a community for bootstrap SaaS founders that includes events, an online community, and mastermind matching. As a primarily remote accelerator, Tinyseed organizes a kickoff retreat at the start of each program year where founders from each batch come together for in-person masterminding and playbook sessions. Throughout the year, optional in-person opportunities are available for founders to continue meeting and building relationships.

Alex concludes by discussing the traits they seek in founders applying for the Tinyseed program. Coachability is key, emphasizing the importance of founders being open to learning, accepting advice, and taking action. They also value quick action-taking over excessive planning and perfectionism, showcasing the example of a founder who dived into using Google Ads as a marketing channel and optimized it over time.

Overall, this episode offers valuable insights into the role of program managers at TinySeed, the application process, the support provided to founders, and the importance of continuous learning and experimentation in scaling a SaaS business.