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Revolutionizing email warm up for deliverability

Revolutionizing email warm up for deliverability | Daniel Shnaider - Warmy

In this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, host Cristian Dina interviews Daniel Shnaider, the CEO of Warmy. Warmy is an email deliverability tool that ensures emails are delivered to the inbox rather than marked as spam. As the number of companies using email for various purposes grows, it has become crucial to land in the inbox to maximize engagement and response rates.

Daniel explains that Warmy works by analyzing the current deliverability of an email account, considering factors such as the age of the domain, previous complaints, and domain reputation. Using algorithms developed by the company, Warmy determines the most effective strategy to improve the email account’s reputation and deliverability. The process is automated, resembling a visit to the doctor where analysis is conducted and the appropriate solution is prescribed.

Cristian inquires how many emails must be warmed up before starting a campaign. Daniel explains that it depends on the user’s specific needs and goals, with Warmy having the capacity to handle millions of emails monthly. The support team is always available to guide users on the warming process and ensure successful campaign execution.

Overall, this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast explores the importance of email deliverability and introduces Warmy as a tool that revolutionizes the warm-up process to ensure emails are successfully delivered to the inbox. With its advanced algorithms, extensive language support, and commitment to customer support, Warmy stands out as a valuable solution for businesses looking to improve their email deliverability and maximize engagement with their audience.