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Unlock multiple revenue channels with SaaS affiliate marketing

Unlock multiple revenue channels with SaaS affiliate marketing | Emmet Gibney - Rewardful

In this insightful episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, host Cristian Dina chats with Emmet Gibney, the CEO of Rewardful, on the intricacies and strategies of leveraging affiliate marketing for SaaS businesses. Emmet anchors his expertise on the premise that affiliate programs can significantly add to a company’s revenue streams if approached correctly.

During the conversation, our guest underscores the essence of a business having a solid customer base and a marketable product as prerequisites to implementing a fruitful affiliate program. He enlightens listeners about the common pitfalls companies face, such as treating affiliates as mere traffic sources rather than as valued partners. Emphasizing the importance of nurturing strong relationships with affiliates, Emmet advises companies to proactively find affiliates with the right audience that resonates with their product offerings.

Rewardful’s business model focuses on SaaS companies that handle their affiliate programs and are not looking to engage in larger, impersonal affiliate networks. With a tool that integrates seamlessly with platforms like Stripe and Paddle, Rewardful caters to businesses eager to manage in-house affiliate systems easily.

The speaker states that SaaS entities with a self-serve approach and an established online clientele are the best candidates for successful affiliate programs. Factors such as the product’s price point, customer online behavior, and accessibility to a target audience are significant determinants in an affiliate program’s impact.

To extend his knowledge and experience to other businesses, Emmet promoted the company’s upcoming course on setting up a successful SaaS affiliate program. He shared the URL, where listeners can pre-register for the over 2-hour course, which consists of 12-13 comprehensive videos. This course promises to be an invaluable resource for businesses looking to effectively tap into the affiliate marketing realm.