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Visual insights into how users behave in your SaaS

How to get visual insights into how users behave in your SaaS product | Daniel Bakh - Fullview

In the latest episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, host Cristian Dina welcomes guest Daniel Bakh, the founder of Fullview. The episode explores how Fullview helps SaaS companies gain visual insights into user behavior in their products.

Customer support teams in SaaS companies often struggle with gaining context around customer issues and seeing the product from the customer’s perspective. This challenge is more pronounced in complex SaaS solutions, such as ERP systems. Fullview aims to address this by becoming the go-to product for understanding and resolving user experience issues. Daniel emphasizes the importance of having an easy way for customer support teams to communicate UX frustration points and bugs to the product team.

The conversation moves on to the competitive landscape, with Daniel noting that the market for customer support is crowded, particularly in level one support with chat and ticketing systems. He mentions the growing interest in AI chatbots but explains Fullview’s focus on level two and level three support, which involves more complex cases requiring human intervention.

Building a strong technical foundation before acquiring many users is another piece of advice Daniel offers. He warns against rushing growth without a solid technical base and emphasizes the importance of picking the right technology for the specific use case. Though it may slow initial progress, having a solid technical foundation will ultimately accelerate growth.

Daniel’s journey in startups and entrepreneurship is also briefly explored. He shares his early experiences working in startups and almost dropping out of university to pursue his first venture. Although the startup didn’t succeed, it provided valuable lessons. While initially interested in combining finance and entrepreneurship through venture capital, Daniel found his true passion in building and being a founder.

Overall, this episode sheds light on the importance of effectively understanding and resolving user experience issues in SaaS products, with Fullview serving as a valuable tool in this endeavor.