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Giving customers the attention they expect with AI-powered CX

Giving customers the attention they expect with AI-powered CX | Preet Raj - Bakstage

To understand easier what Bakstage does, our guest cited the example of luxury stores with in-store specialists to assist customers. While for SaaS websites, there are only chatbots. Their team saw this problem and proposed a solution: enabling live video conversations between the customer and specialist. This will enhance the online experience, supplemented by AI technology, to augment conversation and boost conversion.

We discussed how one-to-many live streams or conversations could be hosted on a website to facilitate product launches or AMA sessions for businesses. We also talked about the role of AI technology in enabling customer data collection for building customer profiles. The episode also highlighted how investing a dollar in good customer experience can return in customer lifetime value, making a strong case for businesses to prioritize CX.

Furthermore, our guest spoke about how the platform’s goal is to personalize each customer’s experience based on their preferences. Bakstage aims to become the default customer experience platform for all businesses. They are humanizing the customer experience by enabling two-way live video interactions, creating personalized and unforgettable customer experiences, and boosting retention and customer lifetime value.

Finding the right team members

The episode also provided insights into entrepreneurship. For example, the challenges of building a company and tips for finding the right team members. Preet has an engineering background and shared that learning to sell was one of the hardest things to grasp personally. He emphasized building an emotional connection with customers before discussing your SaaS to overcome this.

Lastly, we discussed the importance of finding the right partners to help sell and the value of asking questions to understand customer pain points. Preet thinks that by sharing his experience in building startups and generating revenue and how the right team is the most critical part of any project or business. Thanks for listening to this week’s podcast, and we look forward to bringing you more insights in our future episodes.