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Auvik Alternatives

One shouldn’t anticipate finding a universal IT Management Software product that fits their needs. A reliable device like Auvik may have useful functionalities; however, it does not suit your business enterprise requirements. Hence, it is best to explore all the options and alternatives. The top Auvik Alternatives are:

  • Freshservice
  • BlueOptima
  • Workato
  • Pulseway
  • Kaseya VSA
  • ConnectWise Automate
  • Atera
  • Traverse
  • SAP Customer Experience
  • Marketo Engage

Pulseway and Kaseya VSA stand out as their pinnacle competition, primarily based on similarity, recognition, and user reviews. When evaluating Auvik to its pinnacle one hundred alternatives, Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection has the best rating, with Google Cloud Platform because of the runner-up and Auvik rating as twenty-seventh place.

Auvik vs. Freshservice, which one is better?

Freshservice is another popular software for IT professionals that allows them to track and manage the assets owned by the organization effectively. Moreover, Freshservice is easy to apply and set up with cutting-edge and intuitive UI that requires minimal to no training and is customizable to IT and non-IT needs. Multi-Channel support automates tasks and offers help for problems raised via email, a self-service portal, phone, chat, and in-person. In addition, it provides the following features:

  • Contract Management 
  • Incident Management 
  • IT Asset Management 
  • Knowledge Management 
  • Release Management 
  • Self Service Portal 
  • Service Catalog 
  • Service Reporting 
  • Audit Trail 
  • Barcoding/RFID 
  • Depreciation Management

Freshservice pricing plans start from $19 per month and support various languages. Freshservice offers the following integrations:

  • Domotz Pro
  • Freshdesk Contact Center
  • Opsgenie
  • ScalePad
  • Slack
  • Capabiliti

When assessing the two solutions, we found them equally easy to use. However, Auvik is easier to set up and administer.