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Canto Alternatives

Alternatives to Canto

Canto is one of the leaders in the digital asset management market. And, although technology is changing every day the way people work, Canto keeps up with the trends. Yes, it might not be ideal for all models of businesses and teams, which is fine. Thus, if you need something else, you have to know that you have alternatives to Canto like:

What is the best digital asset management software?

Canto offers a great out-of-the-box DAM experience for businesses. In case you are looking for the best asset management software, then Canto is a good pick. However, it is not the only best DAM offering out there. The alternatives listed above are also good enough for companies looking to manage their assets. This being said, your choice for DAM completely depends on what you are looking for. In that case, pick the one that meets your requirements in the best possible way.

Canto vs. Brandfolder

Although Canto has been on the market since 1992, there are many other digital assets platforms worth considering. One of these tools is Brandfolder. First of all, both Canto and Brandfolder offer their users the core functionality of a digital asset management platform. But, then, you have a few differences between these tools. Both products analyze digital files, yet the way they’re doing it is different. Using image recognition to suggest auto-tags, Canto is equipped with a facial recognition function, while Brandfolder’s software is built with feature and product recognition. This means Canto is ideal for users who handle assets featuring celebrities, for example. And Brandfolder a better solution for users who work with mostly product images and other branded assets.

Regarding pricing, both of them offer custom pricing plans tailored to your business and team. For that, you’ll have to contact them and book a demo or a free trial to see which one is the one for your company.