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Even though the tool is new, several customers who left e-file evaluations praised its outstanding quality. However, as a new platform, it’s understandable that it lacks capabilities seen in its competitors.

You may use to:

  • Prepare and file uncomplicated federal and state tax returns.
  • Do income taxes exist? (Retirement income included)
  • Mortgage interest is deductible.
  • Deductibles should be itemized.
  • can help you file an IRS extension in addition to federal and state taxes.

Unfortunately, the firm does not provide tax advice through video, chat, or phone. You also won’t be able to contact assistance through phone or live chat. The only way to contact them is through the official website’s contact form.

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Starting from:

$27.99 + $22.49 for State

Pricing Model: Pay-as-you-go

Pricing Details: pricing is divided into three packages: Free Federal Basic Software, Deluxe Plus E-file, and Premium Plus E-file. The cost starts from $27.99 + $22.49 for State.

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  • Credit & Deduction Suggestions
  • Data Import/Export
  • Data Verification
  • Document Management
  • Electronic Filing
  • Exemption Management
  • State Returns
  • Status Tracking
  • Support
  • Tax Calculation
  • Tax Compliance
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)

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While doing taxes is never enjoyable, the appropriate tool may transform the most dreaded yearly task into a manageable—and, dare we say, rewarding—afternoon. The finest tax software guarantees that you receive all the credits and deductions you are entitled to without dragging you through the maze of forms. was established in 2013 and offered economical tax software up to 50% less expensive than other online preparers. is a website that allows people to file their federal and state taxes electronically quickly and easily. The corporation offers three distinct tax filing options, one of which is free. Unlike many other software suppliers, does not sell customer information to third parties; its purpose is to deliver an affordable solution without compromising a client’s privacy. So, without further ado, let us dig into the review. Tax Filing Software is IRS-approved e-File software that can assist you with filing your tax return. It is simple to use and quick to file your return, allowing you to obtain your refund as soon as possible. Based on your financial and tax demands, their tool offers three easy tiers of service:

Basic is free for single or married filers who do not have a mortgage or children. The basic capabilities of can help you prepare your taxes properly and fast for uncomplicated returns. This level of software is free.

The Deluxe version is recommended for filers with children, a mortgage, or retirement income. And the premium one is for self-employed people and those who need extra schedules with their tax returns. 

If your tax demands are more sophisticated, upgrade to one of their paid versions, deluxe or premium. Because you will be filing electronically, you will receive your refund considerably sooner, owing to the IRS’s electronic filing program. In addition, you can have your refund transferred into your bank account.

The most notable benefit of is that the procedures used to determine which tax service level is suitable for you are clear, and they will downgrade you if required so that you pay the lowest fee possible when you file. In addition, will only charge you once if you file numerous state returns—no matter how many you have to file. has much to offer beyond its affordable price despite its simplicity.

  • Pricing is competitive. A few companies have decreased their price over time, including The premium plans are less than half the price of comparable H&R Block plans and less than one-third of the price of comparable TurboTax plans.
  • A straightforward, no-nonsense approach. has fewer inquiries than most competitors, requiring fewer screens and questions. As a result, experienced filers may likely finish a tax return faster than competitors like TurboTax or TaxAct, which require more time and effort.
  • You Can Use Your Refund To Pay. For example, rather than paying your tax preparation expenses upfront, you may pay them with your expected tax refund.
  • Strict Security Procedures. From the user’s perspective, provides above-average security. Many rivals’ account and password restrictions are less stringent. also times out after around 10 minutes.

E file com Tax Filing Software

What is the Process of

According to tax data, 90% of Americans are unaware of the tax code., like any other DIY tax software, demands information such as your marital status and salary. Don’t worry about making mistakes because it’s a basic inquiry form. Furthermore, the software will assist you throughout the tax filing procedure.

In their evaluations, many consumers appreciate the software’s easy, interview-like tax preparation procedure. In addition, the user interface is simple and easy to use. You can also skip some portions and come back to finish them later.

For easy taxes and consumers who aren’t at risk of being audited, is the finest online tax filing option.

What is the Process of E file com

What types of taxes can you file with

You may choose from various free online items if you only need assistance with a simple tax return. However, not every tax preparation software is built to handle complex tax situations. For example, business owners and self-employed taxpayers would often require more sophisticated tax preparation software that can handle more tax forms, deductions, and credits. can handle the following unusual tax circumstances:

  • Supported Options

Retirement and Estate Planning

Property taxes and investment for small businesses and self-employed people

1099 Taxes and Payroll

  • Unsupported Alternatives

Tax Preparation for Non-Profit Organizations

What further advantages does provide? provides the following benefits in addition to federal tax filing and preparation services:

  • Audit assistance.
  • Error detection is automated.
  • Free IRS File is accessible.
  • Find a tax deduction.

You may have to pay a premium for these extra features from other providers, and you may not need all of them. So before hiring a tax preparation agency, think about the services you or your company require.

What is E file com

Details of Features

These are some of the characteristics that distinguish from similarly priced competitors.

  • Options for guided and self-guided navigation

When utilizing, users can choose between guided and self-directed navigation. Self-guided navigation is available for filers familiar with one component (income). Then they can return to a guided option for the Deductions or Credits portions (with questions and answers).

  • Qualified Tax Assistance

Taxes can be complicated, but E-File online assistance, available to all users, can help answer issues in minutes, saving consumers from calling the IRS for hours. Follow these procedures to get in touch with customer service:

  • First, visit to access your account.
  • Next, click the “Help” button in the top right corner of the website.
  • Next, enter a short query and hit the “Search” button to get a list of articles that answer it.
  • If you can’t find an answer in one of the help articles, submit a support request by clicking the “Click here” link at the bottom of the help window.
  • To send your message, type it in and click the “Submit” button to open up the request.

  • Protection against audits and guarantees

With every purchase, E-File guarantees a 100 percent correct estimate. It also guarantees a maximum return and the lowest price. E-File also provides audit protection; however, it is only available as part of the Protection Plus subscription. Thus, it is an added expense.

  • Ease of Use

The eFile interface is rather user-friendly, albeit it doesn’t match the user-friendliness of other competitive solutions discussed in our recommendations. The good news is that you can utilize eFile in various ways, making your workflow less demanding, depending on your experience and how these online tax preparation services function.

There is, in fact, a version that successfully guides you through the procedures, which may be a huge help if you’re new to online tax filing. In addition, there are helpful calculators available as you progress through submitting your tax return. However, they can be troublesome if you’re unfamiliar with the issue.

  • Security uses many security procedures to keep its servers safe. It employs intrusion detection systems, secure firewalls, multi-factor authentication, data encryption technology, and data encryption technology. In addition, a 256-bit SSL certificate secures all website traffic, helping to protect valuable information from hackers. 

Personal information is only requested for the E-desktop file’s program when it is required for secure internet transactions. This data is kept in password-protected databases and encrypted using industry-standard methods. These safeguards assist the organization in complying with IRS security rules for tax preparers. As a result, remembering your E-File PIN code is critical.

While precise features differ depending on how complicated your tax situation is, all subscriptions include the same extra benefits.

  • Importing Prior-Year Tax Returns from

If you used to file your tax return last year, you might easily import the information into your current-year return. However, you cannot import information from other online tax preparation providers. For example, you can’t additionally import third-party tax records like 1099s from your brokerage.

  • Returns from Previous Years

You could utilize one ree’s programs if you failed to file a return for a previous tax year. Aside from the cost of your selected plan, there are no additional costs. However, you can only claim refunds for the previous three tax years. If you file for a previous year, you will lose any otherwise return you received. The law compels you to submit previous returns if you haven’t done so.

  • Ticketing & Telephone Support

The major method of customer service at is an email-based ticketing system. To utilize it, you simply complete a simple form on the website, write down your problem, and email it to the team. The system usually responds to emails within one business day. E-support’s service is also available via phone for Deluxe and Premium filers.

  • Assistance with Audits provides audit support as an optional add-on at no additional cost. If you choose to opt in and the IRS audits your return later, will handle all correspondence with the IRS on your behalf and offer frequent status updates.

  • Sidebar of Assistance

The returned interface on has a help sidebar that provides basic information on the tax subjects you’re working on and basic advice on how to proceed. The sidebar automatically refreshes to reflect your position as you progress through each form.

  • Use Your Refund to Pay allows you to pay your tax preparation expenses with your refund, avoiding the need to give credit card information in advance. EPS Financial, a partner firm, provides this service. There is an extra charge for this option.

  • Is E-File a Free File?

E-File offers a free basic service. As of 2016, E-Free’s Basic service is free from federal taxes. Unlike other online tax systems, E-file does not force you to upgrade after your tax forms are in the system. This is probably the best choice for those who like to perform their calculations by hand and do not require customer service. If you’re prepared to pay the $19.95 state filing costs that come with this tier.

Alternatives to

The top alternatives that are available in the market are listed down below:

  • TurboTax
  • H&R Block
  • MyFreeTaxes
  • Liberty Tax
  • TaxSlayer
  • Keeper Tax
  • TaxAct
  • FreeTaxUSA

If you’re a professional, you already know how difficult it is to locate a decent tax service provider that offers free federal tax software because there are many possibilities for various tax preparation services. Some are paid, while others, like E-File, provide free advice and industry-leading tax software. Here’s how E-File compares to other tax prep websites:

Which is better, E-File or TurboTax?

In the end, everything comes down to personal preference. However, I believe that the E-File is the preferable solution. TurboTax may have a few more features but trust me when I say it isn’t worth the money. E-File does the work much more quickly and at a cheaper cost.

  • E File vs. TaxAct: Both are less expensive solutions, but E-File wins. TaxAct provides a less intrusive user interface, but it won’t walk you through the whole tax calculation and filing procedure.
  • E File vs. H&R Block: We’ll compare E-File and H&R Block in this section. E-File is better than H&R Block if you prefer a straightforward, easy-to-navigate user interface. Many H&R Block users have complained about the company’s complicated UI navigation method. In addition, you can import data from QuickBooks to E-File. However, H&R Block does not have this functionality.
  • E File vs. FreeTaxUSA: Unlike E-File, FreeTaxUSA lacks an extensive user guide. FreeTaxUSA’s price approach is affordable; however, it lacks critical features.

Is there a disadvantage to utilizing eFile?

If you desire affordability above all else, a service like FreeTaxUSA will get you a better price if you have a difficult return.

Customer service at eFile isn’t really good. There are no possibilities to speak directly with a tax specialist by phone or video chat, even for an additional charge. The only option to contact an expert is by email, which might take days to receive a response.

It’s also worth mentioning that eFile hasn’t released an app, and its website isn’t very mobile-friendly. So, if you want to file on the move using your phone, eFile is not the best solution. Review Conclusions

To summarize the E-File review, features such as live customer service, auto-fill form W-2s and 1099s, and access to HR Block advisers make E-File a compelling option for freelancers and professionals. In addition, the tool is the most cost effective and easiest option for submitting taxes online. The procedure is straightforward; you may file state taxes without completing federal returns. 

You have three options: a free trial, a paid subscription, or complete independence. E-file will repay your IRS and State filing expenses, plus an additional $100 if you find a higher refund or lower tax liability using the same information with another provider. If you haven’t yet used E-software files to file your taxes, it’s not too late to take advantage of the offer – visit the E-File website to get free access to the E-cloud files’ platform!

Is a secure site?

Is it safe to utilize E-File? When securing user data, E-File follows a strict security strategy. The software used by has the greatest degree of security available in the industry. Data encryption, multi-factor authentication, and a highly secure hosting infrastructure are all used by E-File. In addition, before filing using their system, all tax filers must authenticate their identification according to the procedure. These added safeguards help prevent fake tax returns and preserve your sensitive information.

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