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FreeTaxUSA Reviews

& Product Details

What is FreeTaxUSA?

FreeTaxUSA is a tax software for filing your federal and state tax returns. This tool simplifies the online tax filing process. It eliminates any stress that small and midsize businesses encounter when managing their taxes. This tax software has one of the cheapest pricing plans you can find among tax software. It has a 30-day free trial and a free version that is quite limited. But the Deluxe version is cheaper and gives you access to all the features that are not available on the free version. Moreover, FreeTaxUSA has many features that simplify tax filing, reviewing, and modifying.

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Starting from:

$7.99 /year

Pricing Model: Subscription

Pricing Details:

FreeTaxUSA has two pricing plans – Free and Deluxe. The free version has limited features. However, you will need to pay for any feature you want to include. For instance, if you want to file for state returns, you must pay $14.99 per state. 

  • Credit & Deduction Suggestions
  • Data Import/Export
  • Document Management
  • Electronic Filing
  • Exemption Management
  • State Returns
  • Status Tracking
  • Support
  • Tax Calculation
  • Tax Compliance
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)

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  • Useful Features

    The software includes helpful features like question-and-answer guidance, section summaries, and error handling, aiding in an easier tax filing process.

  • Cost-Effective

    FreeTaxUSA is known for its low-cost tax software, offering free federal filing and affordable state filing, making it a great option for those with complex filing situations.​

  • Good for Complex Situations

    It is especially beneficial for landlords, side hustlers, and self-employed individuals due to its affordability and functionality.

  • Ease of Use

    The software is less intuitive than some premium tax-filing programs, which may challenge less experienced users.​

  • Limited Import Functionality

    Users face limitations in importing documents like 1099 forms, which can be time-consuming for those with numerous transactions​.

  • State Filing Fees

    Despite its name, FreeTaxUSA charges for state tax filing, which could be a downside for users expecting entirely free services.​


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Do you need help preparing your taxes? If you do, FreeTaxUSA is a tax management and tax refund website that you should consider using. FreeTaxUSA is a powerful, effective, and reliable online tax preparation website that allows you to print, prepare, and e-file your taxes for free. This tax refund preparation software has tax analysts who update the software yearly to integrate the current changes in federal and state tax codes. After the update, the software undergoes thorough testing and an approval process with every state and the IRS. If you don’t want to go through the stress of preparing your taxes alone, now is the best time to start using the FreeTaxUSA tax refund software for your business.

FreeTaxUSA – tax refund software for businesses

This tax refund software reduces the stress involved in filing tax returns. So, small and midsize business holders don’t have to manage their taxes alone if they use FreeTaxUSA tax refund software. A FreeTaxUSA review reveals that more than sixty thousand customers trust and use FreeTaxUSA to file and review their tax returns, tax documents, and forms.

How does FreeTaxUSA work?

 You can easily create an account on the FreeTaxUSA software. All you need to do is enter your email address and password, and you’re done. After registering, you will need to enter your FreeTaxUSA login details. It will then give you access to the site. It’s that simple. If you want to amend your tax return, you must sign in to your account and select the “Amend Tax Return” option from the side menu (if you are using a mobile device, you will find the menu at the top left).

You can also click the FreeTaxUSA logo at the top of your screen and click the “File an amended tax return” option. Then, they will assist you in preparing your federal and state-amended tax returns. You can use FreeTaxUSA to carry out online tax filing. In addition, you can use it to print and prepare your tax refunds and tax return. FreeTaxUSA enables you to manage your taxes in a single platform–whether it’s Federal or State tax returns.

FreeTaxUSA Features explained

 Here are some of FreeTaxUSA’s features:

  • Guaranteed accuracy

This is one of the features of FreeTaxUSA that many users like. They assure their users of the accuracy of their tax calculations. In addition, they pay you interest if the IRS discovers any errors in their calculation.

  • Audit Assist

An amazing feature that is available on only the Deluxe version of FreeTaxUSA. It offers users access to audit specialists who can answer their questions if subjected to an IRS audit. In addition, it grants you access to the Audit Center, a database of information that would be helpful for the audit process.

  • Simple interface

This is another amazing feature that FreeTaxUSA has. The interface may not be as great as its alternatives, but it has basic features that can help you navigate the software. Moreover, it has a tracker for your estimated refund as you go and tabs for the different sections of your return.

  • FreeTaxUSA Security

FreeTaxUSA is an approved IRS e-file provider. They encrypt your personal information on their website. In addition, they carry out security and privacy verifications via Security Metrics, Norton, and Truste.

  • Cheap state returns

Filing your state returns is usually more expensive on other tax software, but it’s not like the FreeTaxUSA software. All you need to do is pay  $14.99 to file your state returns.

FreeTaxUSA Cost

These are the costs of other services you will need to pay for if you want to use them on the free version:

  • Printed and Bound Tax Return costs $12.99.
  • Professionally Printed Tax Return costs $6.99.
  • Amended Tax Return costs $14.99.
Note: You can access the Audit Assist function on only the Deluxe version.

The Deluxe version costs $6.99. It has all the features on the free version and many more. But you will need to pay $14.99 if you want to file a state return. But you won’t have to pay for an amended tax return on the Deluxe version.

Alternatives to FreeTaxUSA

The truth is that while others may see FreeTaxUSA as the best tax refund management software for them, you may not. If you are in this situation, don’t worry, there are many other FreeTaxUSA alternatives you could consider that will be suitable for your organization or niche. Below are some FreeTaxUSA alternatives:

  • FreshBooks

This is a popular accounting and finance software. It also has great cloud solutions for small business owners. Freshbooks is well-known among businesses for time-tracking processes and streamlining client invoicing. This software was created for small businesses because it has featured inflexible, SMB-friendly pricing plans. Also, freelancers looking for ways of optimizing their sales cycle and collection can use this software. It enables them to customize the branding of their financial documents by tweaking the logo, colors, and design to look more appealing. You can easily create professional-looking invoices within a few minutes because you don’t need to have vast accounting experience before using them.

This powerful accounting suite transforms complicated financial management into an amazing experience. It allows you to automate tasks like expense organization, time tracking, and client follow-up to save you more time. Plus, FreshBooks has integrations with many third-party applications like G Suite, PayPal, Shopify, Stripe, and others–this way, you can easily get paid. This software is available on Android and iOS; this way, you can run your business anywhere, anytime, using your mobile device. FreshBooks has a 30-day free trial and three pricing plans.

  • Zoho Books

Zoho Books is another great accounting software that is created for growing businesses. It is an intuitive accounting solution for small businesses to take care of their finances and stay on top of their cash flow. It is very easy to use and can help you make data-based decisions. You can use this tool to send professional invoices to customers and start receiving online payments from all of them on a single platform.

It’s effective and reliable, enabling you to regain control over your company’s finances and save more. In addition, Zoho Books is quite affordable. It has visual graphs, and your financial data overviews are usually displayed on your Dashboard. At the same time, the remaining functionalities are assembled in the tabs of a vertical navigation toolbar.

Zoho Books has a 14-day free trial and a free plan. Also, they offer paid plans. The Standard Plan costs $20 per month. A Professional Plan costs $50 per month. And a Premium Plan that will cost you $70 per month.

  • FreeAgent

This is another amazing FreeTaxUSA software. The FreeAgent accounting software is an efficient online tool created for freelancers and small businesses. It has many features and provides small organizations with everything they need to maintain their finances properly. In addition, it has various tools that enable users to handle every aspect of their financial operations–from managing expenses to running payrolls.

You can use FreeAgent to create, send, and track invoices. You can also use this tool to track expenses–you must take a picture of your receipt using your phone and upload it to the system. Plus, FreeAgent has in-built timesheets and a stopwatch that you can use to keep time records. Finally, the system dashboard shows your cash flows to track them easily.

You can link FreeAgent to your bank accounts so that you can easily import transactions automatically into the system. As a user, you will know how much tax you owe and even file your Self-assessment returns, RTI, and VAT. FreeAgent has twenty-six integrations with Stripe, Zapier, Receipt Bank, and Paypal. Also, FreeAgent has over sixty thousand customers from all over the world. FreeAgent has a single universal plan. The Universal Plan costs $10 per month for six months, then just $20 monthly.

FreeTaxUSA vs. TurboTax

FreeTaxUSA and TurboTax are similar and different in several ways. Here are some of the comparisons between these two applications:

Audit Help

TurboTax and FreeTaxUSA provide DIY audit support, which means you can request help while learning how to respond to the IRS. But on FreeTaxUSA, you will only have access to the audit assist product if you subscribe to the Deluxe version. TurboTax has a better version with its third-party service known as MAX. But you will need to pay an extra $49.99 to get full-service audit help with TurboTax.

Filing versions

FreeTaxUSA offers only two versions of its software–Deluxe and Free. You can access a lot of tax filing situations with the Free version and K-1 forms. If you upgrade to the Deluxe version, you will have access to more support options, with Audit Assist inclusive. However, FreeTaxUSA cannot offer you help in certain situations. Therefore, it is not a great choice when things get complicated.

But TurboTax has many versions. The  Free version doesn’t provide you with unlimited access to many features. But if you buy the expensive versions of TurboTax, you will have access to various forms. In addition, most of the upgraded services on TurboTax are more accessible than what is available on FreeTaxUSA. For example, both TurboTax and FreeTaxUSA provide state forms. But, if you qualify for the free version of TurboTax, you don’t have to pay to file your state tax return. FreeTaxUSA charges for each state tax return. But as you progress into the paid versions of TurboTax, you will be charged for state returns. FreeTaxUSA charges only $14.99 per state, while TurboTax charges $50 per state return.

Ease of use

Both FreeTaxUSA and TurboTax are simple to use. With FreeTaxUSA, you need to follow the order of the tax form. You cannot skip any step. It’s best used if you can complete your taxes in a sitting. It has a simple interface that is easy to comprehend and use. TurboTax is popularly known for having a lot of features. You can upload forms immediately after getting them and work on various aspects of your tax return. TurboTax also has a question format that is simple to follow–it feels like a tax preparer is sitting close to you and asking you those questions. For TurboTax, you can begin with one version, and if you feel you have a more complex tax situation, you can upgrade to another version. You won’t be charged until you are ready to file your taxes.

Customer Service

FreeTaxUSA has limited customer service options. On the free plan, you will have access to the customer support page, but if you pay for the Deluxe version, you will have access to chat support or use the searchable Q&A database. But direct customer support is not very accessible. On the other hand, TurboTax provides many customer service options, including access to a searchable online database, email, phone, and email. In addition, if you pay an extra fee, you will get assistance with tax questions by accessing a tax professional. TurboTax also has a TurboTax Live feature–an additional service that permits screen sharing with an expert who can walk you through your situation.


Regarding pricing, FreeTaxUSA is quite cheaper than TurboTax. However, for the FreeTaxUSA free version, you cannot access many features except you pay extra fees. For example, state filings, amending your tax return, and priority customer support come with additional fees if you use the free version. But if you pay $6.99 for the Deluxe version, you will have access to many of those services, but you will still need to pay to file a state return.

If you have the Deluxe version of FreeTaxUSA and file a state return, you will only need to pay $21.98. If you want to file amended returns, you will pay an extra $14.99. TurboTax is very pricey. It has a lot of versions. The free version is available only to people that have simple tax matters. If you get the Deluxe version, the next version after the free version, you will pay a minimum of $60 to file your federal return and $50 to file one state tax return.

It will cost you more if you want to include TurboTax Live in your product. You will pay $255 for TurboTax Live for Self-Employed and a state return. You will pay $49.99 if you include the audit defense feature. Whatever software you decide to use depends on your unique tax needs and how much you are ready to pay.

FreeTaxUSA is much cheaper, and it is best for filers that are very sure of handling most of their taxes on their own, with only a little help. If you require something like an expert walking you through, FreeTaxUSA is probably not the best option. But if you are ready to pay more for access to help and features, TurboTax is a better option.

FreeTaxUSA vs. TaxAct

 FreeTaxUSA is a platform that enables users to file their taxes by themselves–they can either choose to do it for free or pay for it. TaxAct is a well-known tax software with fair subscription prices and a great user interface. TaxAct is the best option for you if you need cost-effective tax software. FreeTaxUSA has a thirty-day free trial, a free version, and a Deluxe pricing plan that costs $6.99. TaxAct has a DIY online filing that costs $0 – $64.95 for the Computer software or $39.95- $139.95 for the Federal return cost. The State return cost costs $35 for the Computer software, while the Federal return cost is $0 – $50. So for the Federal + state, you will pay $35 – $99.95 for the computer software or $89.95 – $189.95 for the Federal return cost.

On TaxAct, the amount you will pay is based on how complex your tax situation is and what kinds of income streams and deductions you will need to include. So, the higher your income streams and deductions, the more expensive it will be to prepare your return. TaxAct provides three major ways to prepare and file your taxes. You could either file independently, opt for a professional to file for you (Xpert Full Service), or use downloadable computer software. You can have access to experts called Xpert Assist for free. In addition, TaxAct has a better user interface than FreeTaxUSA.

FreeTaxUSA Review Conclusions

FreeTaxUSA is an efficient tax return software that relieves small and midsize business owners of the stress of filing for an IRS refund, filing for tax returns, and preparing tax forms and documents. Moreover, this platform has a lot of amazing features like the ability to send requests to the IRS, so they can adjust the deadlines set for filing federal tax returns, review, modify, and re-file tax returns with the help of tax experts, and quickly prepare for auditing activities initiated by the IRS and assess the results of such activities. In addition, it simplifies the process of preparing and submitting state tax returns. In essence, FreeTaxUSA is a reasonably great online tax refund software because it has one of the cheapest subscription prices in the industry. But it has limitations that can be worked on, like its lack of phone support, the tax matters it doesn’t support, and the limited aspect of audit assistance.

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