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Because of the growing popularity of email, many software companies have introduced desktop-based email clients. The eM Client is one such email client that people can use on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Based on our eM Client review, this email software doesn’t only help you manage your email accounts; it has a calendar, tasks, in-built contacts, and you can use it to monitor social media interactions with your contacts. It is also very easy to use. But let’s see what this tool can do for you and your business.

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The key capabilities of Mailbird encompass a unified inbox wherein you can control all of your contacts and emails from more...

We all know how important email has become for our day-to-day life. We use it for communicating with people and for business purposes. Plus, this free email tool has a three-pane interface to view your messages, folders, and message preview area side by side. In addition, you are free to choose between three different themes: dark, light, and default. It’s a productivity tool that you should try out.

eM Client – email management solution

eM Client is an email management and productivity app that helps businesses handle their email communication, daily schedule, upcoming (online) events, collaboration with colleagues, and more, all in a central and beautiful interface. This email software permits administrators to enforce a company-wide email encryption policy or create and save customizable signatures, email templates, and predefined messages to minimize communication processes. Also, international teams are sure of getting an instant translation of all emails.

eM Client is perfect for experts and businesses of various sizes. This free email tool contains contacts, email, calendar, and notes. In addition, it provides online meetings support, instant translation of emails, and many others. Yet, eM Client works perfectly with Gmail and other webmail services, but not so well with the Microsoft Exchange Server.

eM client productivity tool

What is eM Client?

One of the most excellent email management tools you can find online is eM Client. It is a desktop email client suitable for Windows and enables you to gain access to your emails from the comfort of your desktop. With this, you won’t have to log into a browser each time to access your mail anymore. eM Client supports many POP and IMAP mail accounts, such as G Suite, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Windows Mail, and others.

That means you can integrate your email, calendar, and contacts into a central space and use two accounts or more simultaneously, thus making navigation and management much easier. eM Client has a favorable pricing plan. It has a free version that provides only email and task management for two accounts. All other pricing plans include a free version for a month before you are charged for the paid plan.

eM dashboard

How to use eM Client?

eM Client is easy to set up. Here is how to install eM Client on your device. First, download the eM Client installer on their website, then run the downloaded ‘setup’ file and the installation steps.

While the installation process is ongoing, you could select to make the application launch on the system startup or set it as the default mail application on your device. That’s all you need to do to install eM Client on your device.

Here is how to setup eM Client using your email account:

When you are done installing the eM Client download, you will be automatically be asked to set up your first account. You could either use the Automatic setup or open the other tabs to explore manual setup options. To set up extra email accounts, go to the Menu > Accounts section and create new accounts using the ‘+ Add account button.

And that’s all.

eM Client Features

Here are some eM client features you should know:

  • Easy contact management

eM Client has a contact management feature that streamlines having two accounts. With his eM client feature, you can group your contacts and details based on various fields. For example, you could categorize the different aspects like hobbies, family, and salary. You are free to customize it based on your needs. Plus, this feature enables you to see your contacts the way you want to view them.

contacts management

  • Easy setup

Many users love this tool because of the easy-to-use and set-up interface. There are many other desktop email clients whose setup can be quite time-consuming and difficult, but it’s not the same for eM Client’s setup because it is quite straightforward.

  • Ability to import data

eM Client is compatible with many popular webmail services like Outlook, iCloud,  Gmail, and, so you won’t have any issue using them with eM Client. Also, the tool supports data import, so you can easily import all your emails and contacts from other email clients like Thunderbird, Outlook, many others.


  • Filter and manage your emails

eM Client has a filter feature that helps you manage your emails perfectly. eM Client has an in-built search button that enables you to look for any contact, email, or attachment within a few seconds. On the center pane, you will see all your emails. You will also see how you can sort them using different criteria. The moment you click the specific email, you can view the content in the right pane.

Plus, eM Client has a Read Receipt and Delivery Receipt feature to see if your email message was delivered and read by the recipient. In addition, the Agenda feature helps you to create tasks and reminders easily. It also has an in-built chat that you can explore to have a real-time chat with your contacts.

With eM Client, you can export the list of your emails easily. You can also download emails and read them later.

eM calendar

eM Client Pricing

eM Client pricing plan is not so pricey. But it does provide a free version and a free trial. Yet, you will need to pay a reduced fee for upgrades to new product versions. Also, the tool is free for noncommercial use with up to two email accounts. The 30-day free trial that it has comes with unlimited functionality.

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eM Client Alternatives

eM Client is a great email management tool, but it is not the only email app you can find online. Here are some eM Client alternatives that you should check out:

  • MailBird

One of the best eM Client alternatives you can try out is MailBird. It is a popular email marketing tool that enables businesses of all sizes to manage many accounts and improve workforce productivity. This windows-based solution allows users to sync and centralize emails and contacts in a central inbox from different platforms.

Some of the major feel that Mailbird has are attachment search, keyboard shortcuts, response management, and email archiving. In addition, it notifies users via custom notification sounds and message snooze.

Moreover, MailBird’s contacts manager enables users to link, merge, drag, drop contacts and unify them in a central inbox. Some of the additional features that MailBird has are undo sent messages and attachment preview, offline mode, and access to unlimited email accounts. In addition, it integrates many email software like Outlook, Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, and eM Client.


  • Zoho Mail

It is a powerful, business-oriented email app that perfectly takes care of all your emailing needs. Zoho Mail has a lot of excellent communication and collaboration features. With Zoho Mail, you can enhance your brand visibility and credibility with a custom email address using your domain name. Also, you are allowed to include many users, domains, and alias addresses for one user, all under the same organization.

Apart from Zoho Mail having vast integrations within Zoho applications, it also supports third-party integrations with all your favorite applications. Zoho Mail allows you to make your conversations more productive using its collaboration features. Zoho Mail also provides extensive audit logs and other reports to enable you to monitor administrator operations. Moreover,  Zoho Mail has migration tools to help you easily import all your data from your previous email service.

If you want to transform your emailing experience, you should use Zoho Mail. Zoho Mail has a free trial and a free version.

Zoho Mail dashboard

eM Client Review Conclusions

Overall, eM Client is an excellent email client and calendar software. It has a clean and easy-to-use interface that is a pleasure to use. It is fast and reliable, but it has a few issues. However, compared to some of the other paid options, eM Client also comes with a great set of features. Based on our review, the only downsides are that you can’t customize the design or add plugins. You also won’t sync email through Google Calendar or contacts through Gmail as you could with Outlook. But if this doesn’t bother you, this tool might be the ideal email app for your needs.

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