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If a collaboration tool is what you need, then Favro is a good option to consider, especially if you are a SaaS company. In addition, Favro’s pricing is quite affordable for what it is offering. Unfortunately, they don’t offer a free version, yet, users can have a 14-days free trial for each of their pricing plans. Here are the plans that users can choose from:

  • Lite
  • Standard
  • Enterprise

You can either pay annually (with a 15% savings on the monthly payment) or monthly.

Favro Plans

Favro Lite

$12Per 2 users
  • Five collections
  • Unlimited boards
  • Unlimited backlogs
  • 25 automation actions
  • Apps for iOS and Android
  • Basic Support
  • OAuth via Google and GitHub

Favro Standard

$16Per 2 users
  • Everything in Favro Lite, plus:
  • Unlimited collections
  • Unlimited private collections
  • 5 000 automation actions
  • Unlimited apps and integrations
  • Unlimited storage
  • Reports
  • Guest accounts
  • 1 000 API calls per hour
  • Standard Support

Favro Enterprise

$30Per 2 users
  • Everything from Favro Standard, plus:
  • 25 000 automation actions
  • Reports and Timesheet reporting
  • 10 000 API calls per hour
  • Enterprise support - 24-hour response time on weekdays
  • Manage collections
  • SAML-based single sign-on (SSO)
  • SCIM user provisioning
  • DPA and enhanced GDPR support
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Favro Pricing Plans

Next, let’s dive into the Favro Pricing plans and tiers.

Lite Plan

The lite plan begins at 10.20 dollars each month for two users, to 51 dollars every month for ten users, 255 dollars for fifty users, and 510 dollars for one hundred users. Users must contact the Favro sales team to bring more than a hundred users on board.

These are the features that come with the lite plan:

  • Authentication protocol through Google and GitHub.
  • You will only have access to basic support.
  • You are free to generate up to five collections: They are workspaces where you can plan and overview a project with the aid of backlogs and boards. You can separate your location, project, team, and others.
  • It is compatible with Android apps and iOS.
  • You are free to generate an unlimited number of boards.
  • Ability to have access to unlimited backlogs: where you can plan and overview your task

Standard plan

The prices of the standard plan begin at 13.60 dollars per month for two users, 68 dollars per month for ten users, 340 dollars per month for fifty users, and 680 dollars per month for one hundred users. Like the lite plan, if you need more than one hundred users, reach out directly to the Favrosales team.

You will enjoy all the Lite plan features and these other features:

  • You will enjoy standard customer support.
  • You will also have access to one thousand API calls each hour.
  • Ability to create reports.
  • Freedom to generate guest accounts.
  • You will enjoy unlimited storage.
  • You can generate and have access to backlogs and unlimited boards.
  • Ability to have access to unlimited integrations and apps.
  • You can generate unlimited collections, so that viewing projects you are currently working on would be easy.

The Enterprise Plan

The enterprise plan is Favro’s most expensive plan. Its prices begin at 25.50 dollars per month for two users, 127.50 dollars each month for ten users, 637.50 dollars each month for fifty users, and 1,275 dollars each month for one hundred users. So if your organization needs more than one hundred users, you will need to reach out to Favro’s sales team to know how to do that.

The enterprise plan has the Lite and Standard plan features and these other features:

  • Being able to have access to improved GDPR support and Data Protection Act.
  • You can create timesheet reports.
  • Access to ten thousand API calls every hour.
  • It has SAML, which enables single sign-on (SSO) and SCIM user provisioning.
  • It has multiple collections.

The enterprise plan provides greater security than the SCIM user provisioning. In addition, it allows companies to accommodate many users to track the data that comes back and date between their users and service providers. Favro also provides a data protection act and improved GDPR support on its most expensive plans.


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