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What is Flowster?

Flowster is a workforce management software developed for delegating repetitive tasks to your team to increase your scalability and onboarding of new team members as quickly and efficiently as possible. The cloud-based platform is mainly used by digital agencies, Saas companies, and Ad agencies for its ability to increase scalability in the company and save time. The onboarding process for any team member couldn’t be any easier than with Flowster. Remarkably the software also comes with over 1000 integrations and offers the largest library of premade templates library for repetitive task automation.

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Automate repetitive tasks in minutes.

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  • StartUps
  • Freelancers
  • Small Business
  • Medium Business
  • Large Enterprise
  • Non-profit Organization
  • Personal


  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
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    Flowster, LLC

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    United States

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Flowster Pricing

Starting from:

$28 /2 users/month

Pricing Model: Subscription

Pricing Details:

Flowster comes with several pricing packages including a more accessible price suitable for Startups. The platform is suitable for Enterprises and comes with a free trial.

Flowster Features

  • Recruitment Management

Additional Features

  • 1000 + third parties integrations

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Flowster – SOP Software

Flowster is a workflow platform that helps businesses & companies train employees and automate team tasks. The users have access to the extensive library of custom eCommerce templates which offers premade and customizable templates that users can customize to suit their merchandise and products. The software encompasses many features, including process management, campaign management, product listing optimization, client onboarding, and more.

It uses a simple but robust approach that:

  • Ensure consistency in processes and procedures by optimizing execution with SOPs. To monetize your talent, the Marketplace aims to connect you to niche digital marketing experts
  • Provide accountability with a transparent audit trail based on automated notifications.
  • To assign tasks with schedule-based planning & deadlines, so, you can encourage teamwork and collaboration. Files can be uploaded, comments can be shared, and calibration can be assured.
  • Offers multiple media widgets to add different formats.
  • Allow you to constantly monitor recurring tasks with an overview and search facility, and never be surprised by them again!
  • Interactive community forums are an excellent means for exchanging ideas.

What is SOP Software?

SOP management software digitizes piles of paper processes or obsolete manuals, allowing staff to access them anytime. Storing your corporate procedures and techniques in the cloud will enable you to change them in real-time rapidly. This sort of software or tool serves as a centralized repository, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Developing a system that facilitates collaboration, tracking, and reporting may be a significant business improvement. Creating automated, repeatable procedures is simple when the correct software is used, and they also allow for automation and integration with existing HR and business software.

Who can use Flowster?

Marketing agencies can use Flowster to create standard operating procedures (SOPs) and workflows that leverage premade templates. Professional designers work with the software to develop proper SOPs and workflows tailored to meet the unique requirements generated by individual users. The drag-and-drop user interface of Flowster allows businesses to create customizable templates. Furthermore, the software also gets its workflow interface, making it easy to assign assignments to individual team members.

Moreover, effective playbooks produced by the same make it easier for companies to onboard new employees and train them efficiently. Flowster also improves team collaboration by enabling members to start a discussion thread about a particular step in a workflow simply by mentioning the name of the person affected. Last but not least, users can even create recurring schedules so as not to forget about critical tasks.

How to use Flowster?

Here, we seek to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Making your first SOP using the Flowster application can be accomplished in 10 to 15 minutes, but it is essential to learn the most critical components of the application. You must understand the following terms: SOP, condition, trigger, action, variable, and assignment.

Flowster consists of two critical words: A Template is an SOP you make once to define a procedure that is repeated frequently.

You can use a premade template to save time and energy when setting up a sequence of steps to perform actual work. For instance, if you want to issue a buy order, you might need to make a template to cover all the steps your company takes whenever it gives an order.

To make the process smoother, you can make a workflow by selecting the “Purchase Order” Template and clicking on the + New Workflow button each time a new purchase order is required. You assign a date and the Workflow to any team member (or by yourself if you don’t yet have one). When you first made the template, you defined how the purchase order would be created and issued, and the responsible party will now follow those exact specifications.

Making SOP

First, you log in to Flowster, and the main page will be empty—until you purchase one of the premade template collections.


The accessible SOPs available on the Marketplace can be added to your cart & imported to your account through the Marketplace icon on the top menu.


It’s recommended to start by making the folders first and create Templates as you move forward. The typical organization has folders for sales, Inventory management, client onboarding, etc. What names you give them don’t matter, so long as you remember them and make the best use of them. The purpose of the folders is to assist you in staying organized.


It’s time to set up your first SOP, which we’ll state as a Template now that you’ve created a few Folders. You must provide a name to the template first. It can be called whatever you want & its name can be changed anytime. Choose a descriptive title for it. It would be much better to choose a descriptive name like a Purchase Order, Onboard a New Client Issue, etc. This Section aims to make you understand when and for what purpose this template should be used and the person it should be assigned to.

Now that you have named and described your Standard Operating Procedure Template, you can add instructions step-by-step. These instructions can be created by creating Tasks. Each task will contain one or more than one Sections. A task that does not have Sections will prompt you to add a Section when you edit it. If you haven’t added a section yet, then you will see the Add Section. It may have caught your attention that the six-section types include the Request in the names. If you haven’t already, begin with the Introduction.

Workflow Assignment

Once you’ve completed your first Standard Operating Procedure Template, you’re ready to utilize it to establish the first Workflow so that you can start delegating part of the work to others!

Great! You’ve just taken the first step to work on your business, and your life will never be like before. To construct a Workflow with the help of an SOP Template, tap on the New Workflow. When you click that button, you’ll be prompted to give a name to the Workflow, and then you’ll be directed to the Workflow.

At this stage, it’s a great idea to identify the person from your team who will ensure the Workflow is finished by the deadline. Once the person in charge of the Workflow has been allocated, you or that person can delegate specific Tasks from one to the other team members – and each task can have its independent completion date.

So, having a considerable SOP Template with 10 to 20 tasks, you may easily assign each of them to other team members with several different completion dates per your preferences. And, if the same individuals perform the same activities, they will be responsible for completing the task, you may give those duties to them from the Template level, and the software will get that job allocated to them each time a Workflow is executed.

Each individual given a task on a workflow or a workflow will get an email and an in-app notice informing them that they have this particular work to perform and when it is due.

Managing Your Account

Flowster is designed to meet the demands of enterprises with as few as one employee and as many as hundreds or thousands. User accounts are classified into three types:

  • Admins
  • Members
  • Guests

The admins can add and remove people, assign responsibilities, and even build new Divisions. (One needs many Divisions to manage multiple and distinct businesses.) Also, they can do all of the team members’ functions. Members can edit, create, and remove templates. They may also construct a Workflow from the template, assign it a completion date, and assign the task to a person in your team.

All the Virtual Assistants (VAs) in the organizations use Guest accounts. You can have several Guest accounts per your needs to complete your tasks, and guest accounts charge no cost. The only thing a Guest user may do is complete an already assigned Workflow.

Flowster Review Conclusion

Flowster is a powerful process SOP management software that assists marketing organizations in developing workflows by utilizing premade templates. The program includes skilled designers that can construct precise Standard Operating Procedures and workflows while adhering to the unique requirements and needs of specific users. Furthermore, companies may use Flowster’s no-code, drag-and-drop interface to design their customizable templates.

Moreover, the program includes its primary workflow interface, making it extremely simple for administrators to delegate tasks to specific team members. Additionally, excellent playbooks are available, making it easier for businesses to onboard and educate new staff smoothly. Flowster also improves team cooperation by allowing the team to have a discussion thread regarding a specific step inside a process by specifying the team members’ names. Finally, it will enable users to create repeating schedules without forgetting essential chores.

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