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Forms on Fire Alternatives

Forms On Fire alternatives that are available in the market are listed down below:

  • Upflowy
  • Jotform
  • Device Magic
  • 123FormBuilder
  • Mobile Impact Platform
  • Poimapper
  • Castor EDC
  • Viedoc
  • ITyX
  • Rossum

Let us compare it with a few other Forms on Fire Alternatives:

Pabbly Form Builder

Form builders with comparable capabilities include Pabbly Form Builder and Forms On Fire (app creator, rule-based user authorization, etc.). Both systems lack pre-built connectors; however, Zapier allows you to incorporate several third-party services (Smartsheet, Google Forms, Zendesk, Membrain, etc.).

While Forms On Fire provides Android and iOS applications, Pabbly Form Builder is a cloud-based service. Starting at $15 per form, Pabbly Form Builder is priced. In addition, users receive an infinite amount of features for a single form simultaneously.

Pronto Forms

Another worth mentioning Forms on Fire Alternative is Pronto Forms.

Both systems have the same target market and feature set, allowing drag-and-drop functionality. In contrast, Pronto Forms charges $15 per user per month for the “Essentials” plan, while Forms On Fire has a starting price of $20 per user for pricing tiers. In addition, Pronto Forms users may get a free version, but Forms On Fire does not.

Pronto Forms includes pre-built cloud connectors, unlike Forms On Fire, including Dropbox, GoogleSheets, Amazon Cloud, Sharepoint, etc. While its rival provides service use in English, Japanese, Spanish, and French, Forms On Fire exclusively supports the English language.


The list of Forms on Fire alternatives continues with Kissflow.

Both Kissflow and Forms On Fire are drag-and-drop form builders that need no coding. However, unlike Forms On Fire, Kissfow provides real-time analytics and a sophisticated report option. You can use sophisticated pivots and complicated filters to track the most important key performance indicators. In addition, the software offers heatmaps to break down large datasets into settings that are simple to understand.

Both systems allow for cross-system connection; you may utilize Zapier or access the service’s API to connect it to other services. Forms On Fire’s ordinary plan and Kissflow’s entry-level plan have the same price. Additionally, both platforms provide free trials and use the same price structure.


This Forms On Fire rival is entirely online. Users cannot receive in-person or online training from Typeform as they can from Form On Fire. It also includes a sizable knowledge library where users may search for answers to most queries.

Like Forms On Fire, Typeform does not provide document indexing or approval process control regarding forms automation. The platform is more costly but uses the same pricing structure. The entry-level pricing package is $29 a month. Typeform offers a free version, in contrast to Forms On Fire.

Other notable Forms on Fire Alternatives are ProntoForms & GoFormz.


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