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H&R Block Alternatives

Here are some H&R Block alternatives available in the market:

  • Taxact
  • TurboTax
  • Taxslayer
  • Vertex
  • Neo.tax
  • Taxcomp
  • Drake Tax
  • Tax1099.com

How Does H&R Block Compare to the Competition?

H&R Block offers a user-friendly environment akin to meeting with a tax preparer. H&R Block, like TurboTax, leads you through an interview process, although it’s a touch less expensive. For its top “do-it-yourself tax” package, TurboTax charges up to $119 for federal tax filing ($49 each state), while H&R Block charges up to $109.99 for federal tax filing ($36.99 per state).

If you need help along the way, you’ll have to switch to a higher price tier or pay extra, much like with other online tax software applications like TurboTax and TaxSlayer. But what sets H&R Block apart is that their alternatives for professional tax assistance extend beyond your computer screen.

It's easy to switch from TurboTax to H&R Block.

You may work with a tax expert remotely, at an H&R Block office, or by dropping off your tax paperwork at an office starting at $80 for federal tax returns (starting at $65 per state). While H&R Block will try to upsell you while filing your taxes, it’s not as aggressive as TurboTax, which will try to upsell you many times while using the program.

Are there any drawbacks to working with this tax software?

The UI and customer service features work well, in my experience. However, this tool is not a low-cost alternative for filing taxes. Unless you qualify for the free package, you’ll pay at least $49.99 (not including any discounts) plus an extra $36.99 per state return.


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