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Kasm Workspaces Alternatives

Kasm Workspaces has many alternatives, most of which are Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) software solutions. Furthermore, VDI software is a commonly used technology. Here are some Kasm Workspaces alternatives.


This platform was formerly known as GoToAssist. First, they provide ITIL-based service desk management and market-leading remote support to improve I.T. operations and minimize cost. Next, their features include camera share, mobile device support, in-channel support (integrations with apps like Slack), file transfer, remote view, right fit support, including chat, and lightning-fast connection time.

A Cloud Guru

This organization has engineers that run it and engineers also founded it. They are developing the world’s most prominent cloud computing school to educate engineers. Moreover, they have trained over five hundred thousand students and still teach many people about the cloud.

Splashtop Business Access

Teams and experts use this popular remote desktop. It provides secure, simple, fast remote computer access for groups and individuals.

Zoho Assist

The remote support with Zoho Assist is not expensive. It is quick and easy too. You don’t need a previous software installation and can use it entirely on a browser. It is designed for medium and small outsourced I.T. firms, remote P.C. repair service personnel, Business Information Technology (I.T.) support, and independent I.T. technicians.

Zoho Assist

CBT Nuggets

This platform offers creative Information Technology (I.T.) training that is engaging, meaningful, and informative.

ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise Control’s universal remote access software offers an entire solution for remote meetings, remote access, and remote support.


AnyDesk is a quick remote desktop software that permits new usage applications and scenarios that are not feasible with the latest remote desktop software.


This simple remote support and access software allow you to safely connect to and monitor unattended devices like servers and IoT devices from any part of the world, mobile-to-mobile, desktop-to-mobile, and desktop-to-desktop.

VNC Connect

VNC Connect allows you to remotely access and manages your devices in any part of the globe, anytime you want to. As a result, VNC has a vast user base, from individuals to giant multinationals using the technology for various applications worldwide.

Citrix Workspace (featuring Desktops and Citrix Virtual Applications)

The main purpose of this safe digital workspace is to empower people to work better at different times and anywhere without distractions. Furthermore, it integrates with your current systems effortlessly, so you can concentrate on driving digital transformation.


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