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LinearB Alternatives

Diving into LinearB alternatives, we discover that LinearB is an excellent project management solution. It aims to engineer leaders to improve developers’ productivity and growth trajectory in any circumstances. However, LinearB is not for everyone. LinearB acknowledges that its solution is unique and not ideal for every company. That’s why you need to look for LinearB alternatives that offer similar features, a different take on improvement projects, and developers’ productivity.

Before we check the alternatives, it is good to reiterate what Linearb offers. It is a SaaS solution that offers a systematic engineering approach. It offers business alignment, pipeline observability, and workflow optimization using various methods and tools.

So, what are your options? Let’s go through them below.

  • GitLab

GitLab is an open-source source control platform. It is a great alternative to LinearB as it lets you manage your projects streamlined. However, do not expect high-level metrics or a clean dashboard to provide insight into your project with GitLab. If you have a small team working on development projects and want a free-to-use solution, then GitLab is a good choice.

  • Waydev

If you are looking for a worthy alternative to LinearB, you can check out Waydev. It lets you manage your project holistically while offering engineering performance reports to engineering leaders. Moreover, it provides useful metric collection and acts as a single record system. It measures costs per feature and resource allocation to understand the project well. As for teams, it manages to capture teams and individual performance.
Waydev also comes with custom reporting and API integrations. Apart from that, Waydev offers both on-premise and cloud solutions. The other key features offered by Waydeve include:

  • SOC 3 certified
  • Access to industry benchmarks
  • Availability of DORA metrics
  • Calendar integration

  • Pluralsight Flow

Pluralsight Flow (previously GitPrime) lets teams work together with the help of profound insights. With Flow, you can improve your engineering workflow and faster release products to the market. Flow aggregates the historical git data and transforms the data into reports and insights to provide teams with the necessary data. Engineering teams can utilize the insights to work efficiently.
With Flow, teams can identify bottlenecks. The visibility also lets the team compare trends. The other things that you can do with Flow include:

  • Include time spent refactoring code
  • Learn about project bottlenecks
  • Get data before you make risky decisions
  • Understand if the code reviews are productive or positive
  • Manage pull requests at a scale
  • Offers collaborative effort improvement

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