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LinearB Pricing

LinearB offers three plans.: Free, Pro, and Enterprise. Let’s discuss the plans below.

LinearB Plans

LinearB Free

Limited Features
  • Teams - 1
  • Contributors - Up to 8
  • Connected Repos - Up to 50
  • Data Retention - 45 Days
  • Git integration (cloud)
  • Project integration (cloud)
  • WorkerB for Slack & MS Teams
  • Observability Metrics

LinearB Pro

$420per Contributor
  • Teams - 5
  • Contributors - 9 to 19
  • Connected Repos - Up to 100
  • Data Retention - 6 months
  • Git integration (cloud)
  • Project integration (cloud)
  • WorkerB for Slack & MS Teams
  • Observability Metrics

LinearB Enterprise

$600per Contributor
  • Teams - Unlimited
  • Contributors - Unlimited
  • Connected Repos - Unlimited
  • Data Retention - 3 years
  • Git integration (cloud) - On-prem included
  • Project integration (cloud) - On-prem included
  • WorkerB for Slack & MS Teams
  • Observability Metrics
  • Project Delivery Tracker
  • Deployment Release API
  • R&D Cost Capitalization - $
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Now, let’s see how LinearB pricing is adapted to your needs.

  • LinearB Free

LinerB pricing model starts with their Free plan. The free plan is free forever, meaning you do not have to buy it if you fall within their requirements. To take advantage of the free tier, you need up to 8 contributors to 1 team. Furthermore, if you have more than eight contributors, you can try out their demo or get your free account converted to a full trial.

In the Free Plan, you get the following:
  • Up to 50 connected repos
  • 45 days data retention
  • Up to 8 connected repos
  • One team support
  • Supports Git integration(cloud)
  • Supports Project integration(cloud)
  • Observability metrics
  • WorkerB for MS Teams and Slack

The Free plan advanced features:

Accelerate DORA metrics
  • Deployment frequency
  • Cycle time
  • Change failure rate
  • Meantime to restore
Team Pipeline Acceleration
  • Code churn detector
  • Bottleneck detector
  • Burnout detector
  • Work type investment profile
WorkerB Team Bot
  • High-risk work detector
  • Project idle time detector
  • Bottleneck remediation
WorkerB Developer Bot
  • Pull request suggestion
  • Personal pipeline alerts
  • Review time estimation

However, the Free plan doesn’t include any of the following features:

  • Pulse Feature Tracker
  • Project Delivery Tracker
  • Deployment API
  • Customer Support

  • LinearB Pro

The Pro plan is the first paid plan. Firstly, it starts from $420 per contributor/year. Next, unlike the Free plan, you can add 9 to 19 contributors with five teams here. Also, the connected repo number is increased to 100 from 50, with data retention going up from 45 days to six months for the PRO plan. Right now, LinearB is offering four free contributors with their plan.

To summarize, with the PRO plan, you get the following:

  • Git integration with cloud
  • 100 connected repos
  • 9 to 19 contributors
  • Five teams
  • Observability metrics
  • WorkerB for MSTeams and Slack
  • Project integration with cloud

As for Advanced features, you get everything the Free plan offers, including access to Accelerate DORA metrics, Team Pipeline Acceleration, WorkerB team Bot, and WorkerB Developer Bot. In addition, you get access to the following features in the PRO plan.

Pulse Feature Tracker
  • Issue bottleneck detector
  • Live Git activity with issue timeline
  • Shadow work detector
Customer Support
  • Email support and live chat
  • Slack/MS Teams support channel
  • The dedicated customer success manager

  • LinearB Enterprise

Enterprise pricing starts at $549 per contributor/year with no limitations on teams, contributors, and connected repos. The data retention sees an increment for six months from PRO to 3 years. As for features, you get every feature that the Pro plan offers. Additionally, you get the following features:

Project delivery tracker
  • Planning accuracy meter
  • Project-level bottleneck detector
  • Epic progress visualization that works on multi-board
  • Effort dashboard and people allocation
Deployment release API
  • Custom cycle time phases
  • Custom release detection

Finally, as for customer support, you get additional customized onboarding and training.

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