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TaxJar Alternatives

Avalara vs. TaxJar

The popular opinion is that Avalara is the closest alternative to Taxjar or, instead, TaxJar is an alternative to Avalara. However, while taking a closer look at them, a few negative things stood out at Avalara, one of them being the lack of transparency toward their pricing. However, don’t clap your hands just yet for TaxJar, as they are not an example of pricing transparency either.

Avalara vs. TaxJar features

Moving on without TaxJar vs. Avalara comparison by taking a close look at the feature both products have and can conclude that they both offer accuracy guarantees for their services, automation services, and integrations. However, the difference here lies in the fact that Avalara relies mainly on third parties with their integrations. At the same time, Taxjar is more careful regarding integration as several plugins are built and maintained in-house.

Avalara vs. TaxJar Conclusion

Last, as mentioned somewhat confusing, looking at the Avalara pricing, we can say with certainty that both rely on a volume-based pricing model.  However, from what we can say, Avalara is pricier than Taxjar and doesn’t offer a free trial other than the 60 days on their automation.

Taxify vs. Taxjar

Savos Taxify brings to the market the main differentiator from the other sales tax cloud-based solutions, the tax expert to support your tax filling needs as a small and medium-size business. Also, while software such as TaxJar focuses on the mainstream currencies, Taxify by Savos can handle Cryptocurrency tax.

Based on its integrations, Taxify is more catered towards the larger side of small and medium-sized businesses. However, our wild guess would be 100 and above as they could benefit from the integrations with Oracle Netsuite, SAP, and Magento.

Regarding pricing, Taxjar is more transparent with their policy as Taxify fails to present online and encourages you to get in touch for information.

Taxjar vs. TaxCloud

TaxCloud comes with a very similar product to TaxJar in terms of features and integrations. However, as it seems to be a common trait for sales tax automation tools, pricing transparency lacks and is based on volume. Still, their pricing starts from $10 and allows you to scale as your business grows.

So we conclude that TaxCloud seems more suitable for larger businesses even though now, with TaxJar being part of Stripe, we will see how things develop in the future.