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ThriveCart Alternatives

Top ThriveCart Alternatives

  • SamCart
  • ClickFunnels
  • Kartra
  • Builderall
  • Optimizepress

In the following section, we will be looking at the main ThriveCart alternatives. However, there isn’t much software that can compete with ThriveCart after their January 2020 update—considering the pricing point and its one-time payment plus the 46 features available.

In the following alternatives section, we will be looking at:

  • ThriveCart vs. SamCart
  • PayKickStart vs. ThriveCart
  • ThriveCart vs. ClickFunnels

ThriveCart vs. SamCart

Looking strictly at the difference in features and integrations between the two, we can conclude that they are so similar is hard to pick a winner over here. Both ThriveCart and SamCart offer in the proportion of 95% the same features and options for their users. However, SamCart provides the possibility to integrate with 750+ software in contrast to Thrivecart.

Is ThriveCart a Samcart alternative?

Most certainly, yes. ThriveCart is a nearly perfect alternative to SamCart. However, SamCart offers more flexibility through its multitude of templates. We still, however, believe that Thrive cart is the better option due to their lifetime subscription, ease of use, 30 days guarantee. This is, however, the case as long as they keep this type of license which we think might be a pull strategy the company might have. Yet again, they have been doing this for so long that it might stay the same.

PayKickStart vs. ThriveCart

As seen above, between ThriveCart vs. SamCart, the situation is the same in terms of the two tools. Both tools are relatively similar, but in terms of PayKickStart vs. ThriveCart, PayKickStart works on a monthly or yearly subscription. At the same time, ThriveCart offers a one-time payment deal at nearly the exact cost of PayKickStart’s monthly subscription. For more details on PayKickStart as an alternative to ThriveCart, please visit the PayKickStart Alternatives Section.

ThriveCart vs. ClickFunnels

While with the other two products, we could say 100% that they are a 1 to 1 alternative to ThriveCart, the situation looks completely different with ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels in terms of features comes only with:

  • One-Click upsell
  • Checkout popups
  • Delayed Commissions
  • Sales Tracking

If you are looking for a more complex shopping cart experience and want more flexibility, we recommend you stick to ThriveCart, while if you are looking for a sales funnel tool, you can opt for ClickFunnels.

Furthermore, the ClickFunnels price starts at $97/ month, while the ThriveCart Pro costs $690 a lifetime subscription.

ThriveCart Alternatives Conclusion

In conclusion, ThriveCart is the best solution from a value for money perspective. Now, if you are looking for more responsive customer service or an account manager dedicated to your business, we recommend you choose PayKickStart or SamCart. We believe that giving the ThriveCart pricing, the product offers more than one can expect from it. Hats off to ThriveCart for the product they offer!


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