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What is Zoho Recruit?

Zoho Recruit is a hiring software, or an applicant tracking system, that provides recruiting solutions for agencies facilitating the recruitment processes. We know Zoho as a CRM service. Now we present a different utility of Zoho, that of ATS. Broadly, the HR software gives you additional support when handling a big amount of data about people applying for jobs.

It was designed to provide end-to-end recruitment solutions and faster and better hires for staffing agencies, corporate HR, and temporary workforce. Zoho is a platform imagined as a meeting place for talented people looking to be hired and businesses searching for skilled job candidates. This is a perfect tool to help small companies and recruitment agencies to post jobs online via multiple channels and attract top-talent candidates. A cloud-based applicant tracking software stores information about the applicants’ resumes and the progress of the interviews, so the recruiter has every needed data at their hand.

The lavish feature package offers businesses to source top-skilled candidates right when they are applying for jobs, conduct interviews, and engage with candidates. Moreover, Zoho Recruit is an AI-driven software. This advanced development lets you find applicants who fit the job description in real-time, parsing the resumes accordingly.

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Starting from:

$30 /user/month

Pricing Model: Subscription

Pricing Details:

Zoho Recruit comes with several pricing packages, including a free version.

  • Absence Management
  • Applicant Management
  • Reporting & Dashboards
  • Recruitment Management
  • Performance Management
  • Time & Attendance
  • Employee Profiles
  • Onboarding
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Employee Database

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Zoho Recruit – Recruitment Software

Launched in 2009, Zoho Recruit managed in 2021 to become the Leader for two years in the Nucleus Research Talent Acquisition Matrix. Data shows that more than 190 companies trust Zoho as their number-one recruiting service. After giving it a try, we get why many companies turn to the features offered by this HR software. Due to its features, finding talent and hiring are streamlined and simplified.

Human resources are what makes a company work. So, you will have a significant part of the work processes assured by taking care of this aspect. But when many people are involved, dealing with every activity you have on the to-do list is more complicated. That’s why you need to start making your work easier from the first stages of collaborating with people and finding better and easier recruit solutions. Today we will be covering the Zoho Recruit review.

How does Zoho Recruit work?

Recruiting with Zoho is a simple and seamless process thanks to the software’s intuitive interface, providing users with a smooth hiring experience. In addition, no effort will be needed to understand the HR software dynamics for those used to the Zoho CRM system.

To start the recruitment experience, you have first to create an account. The Zoho Recruit login box must be filled with the recruiter’s or hiring manager’s full name, email, and password for the account. Whether you are a staffing agency, corporate HRs, or someone looking for a job, you can use it. Also, if you are a job seeker, you can apply for a post on the same login page. If you go for the recruiter account, you will be asked to fill out fields with additional info about your company. After proceeding with Zoho recruit login steps, you will be welcomed to the home page dashboard to support and streamline all the hiring processes.

Create job opening with Zoho Recruit - review by Tekpon

All the elements you will operate with are placed at the top of the page, making it easier to find all the tools you are interested in. Zoho’s design is comprehensive, so you will quickly understand how the app works. The toolbar is an overview of what the software has to offer.

For example, you can use recruiting software to create and import job openings, schedule & track interviews, and see candidates’ referrals. Promoting new jobs is essential to enhancing the visibility of your job openings and attracting interested skilled people. In addition, Zoho allows recruiters to plan, execute and monitor marketing campaigns within the app. And these are only a part of the pieces that make Zoho Recruit an all-in-one HR platform.

Zoho Recruit - An Applicant tracking system Overview. Learn how to setup your ATS now!

Detailed Features of Zoho Recruit 

 Zoho offers a broad spectrum of features that make the platform a legitimate full-option HR software. Further, we will discuss its most interesting features:

  • Multiple job posting

Zoho surely knows how to do it when it comes to sourcing techniques. You can create job openings following the app templates. You must fill in information like job position, who oversees the hiring process, job description, requirements, benefits, and other essential aspects of the recruiting process. In addition, you can customize these fields based on client or hiring manager requirements. Create one job opening, and you can publish it in many places, like your website. Applying directly from the website can increase the submission resume rate.

  • Candidates evaluation

Zoho recently created the Client Portal, a bridge that connects you and your client more effectively. Through this tool, clients create job entries, send feedback to candidates, and decide if they are suited for an interview. Also, before setting up an interview with the candidate, it would be a good idea for him to take part in a pre-screening assessment to evaluate their skill set. Zoho makes this possible. This can help you make the right hiring choices.

  • Applicant Tracking

When you’ve got a lot of jobs available and lots of people applying, you need external support to keep track of them. Managing the big pool of resumes, interviews, follow-up calls, and the whole arena of communications processes between a company and the candidate might be difficult. Zoho allows you to keep track of every aspect of the recruitment process. From scheduling interviews and follow-up calls to filtering various records about the job openings stages like active, in progress, or closed out. All the information you need about jobs and people applying at a company will flow in a very organized system.

  • Workflow Management

You may forget your other duties when you have a large volume of work. Zoho will automatically send you predefined or customed email alerts to prevent this inconvenience when the set workflow is not followed. Another great thing that can improve the workflow is using third-party apps that allow sending invoices to a client directly from Zoho. In addition, the Macros function lets you compress functions that, with only one click, can send emails and text messages and update applicants’ status, fields, or tasks.

Routine tasks are known to be tiring and time-consuming. As a wide range of communication processes are. Using Zoho, you can set up automatic replies, alerts, and notifications in advance for certain tasks. Also, you can collaborate with your team within the app by assigning tasks. The app will send you alerts when the required criteria are not met. To ensure you will not miss any tasks, Zoho allows you to make to-do lists.

  • Resume Management

Within the Zoho recruitment app, you have more control over candidates’ resumes. When the resume arrives, the app can parse it and automatically complete the data into the proper spots. Data about candidates are mapped to Zoho Recruit fields to systematize their information and make it easier to operate. By standardizing resume details, recruiters save time and process more resumes more quicker. This happens due to AI assistance, with the help of which hiring is accelerated through automation.

Whether you receive resumes via Gmail, Zoho Mail, or Outlook, you can transfer applicants’ information directly to Resume Inbox from the Zoho Recruit app. The software’s important option is Resume Extractor for Google Chrome, which extracts candidate information from the web and adds them to the Recruit database.

Yet, another important feature is storing every resume in the app, so you do not have to worry if you forget where you saw or put someone’s application. Moreover, you get great management using Zoho because you can rate the applicants based on the resume parser process. This way, you will have a clearer picture of who the candidates are and whether their description matches the job requirements they are applying for.

  • Remote Recruitment

The pandemic has negatively affected companies worldwide, including their recruitment process. But the need for skilled people proceeding with business activities is still an actual one. Zoho allows recruiters to conduct video interviews and evaluate candidates despite their location. This feature lets companies contact the applicants and engage with clients in the working-from-home scenario. Thus, online recruitment and interviewing ensure the continuity of a business’s work and development adapted to tough times.

So, what remote recruitment offers are alternatives to traditional candidates’ assessments. More precisely, we are talking about video interviewing using Zoho Meeting. But with a switch. Candidates receive questions, and they are asked to video record their answers. This feature proves useful when the interviewer and the job seeker live in different time zones. The big thing is that it lets you record video interviews to help you and your team discuss candidates’ performance, attach the submission to their profile and evaluate them more efficiently.

Other methods that support the remote recruitment process are virtual ratings and reviews, phone bridges for communication, digital offer letter acceptance, and many others. These practices will ensure the moving of your recruiting funnel.

Other great features that can be found using the app are:

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Multi-channel Communication
  • Job Ads
  • Easy Integrations
  • Facebook Job Posting

Zoho Recruit Cost

 Zoho Recruit comes in multiple plans and multiple price options. In addition, the app allows a 15-day free trial to test the platform and see if it is the right choice. However, the trial version does not include many features, and you are limited to 1 active job, five email templates, no product customization, and only Zapier integration. But it’s still a good starting point.

Zoho Recruit Pricing starts from $28/month for the Standard plan to $85 for the Enterprise plan. Also, it offers a Professional plan for $56, which is the in-between version of Standard and Enterprise. These are the prices if you choose the billed annually option. It is less expensive than the billed monthly version.

With Standard, you get everything in Free Trial and other features like Social Posting, Jobs on Google Search, Document Library, and Product Customization. Professional has more features than Standard but lacks most Portal Management options and Autoresponders. The full package version for Enterprise combines all the above features and every other one created by Zoho.

Integrations for Zoho Recruit 

Service automation and software support make considerable improvements in working productivity. So, in the digital era, enterprises want to benefit from as many technologies as possible within a single application. Zoho Recruit wanted to meet these expectations, and integrated apps were worth discussing.

Perhaps Facebook Job Posting integration is the most sparkling feature from their list. It lets you create unique job posts and target the right audience. Also, it leverages other integrations well, such as email or LinkedIn.

Zoho integrates well with the G Suite, allowing users to export data from Google Apps, sync Docs, Calendars, or contacts to keep up the constant and continuum work. Certainly, Zoho Apps could not be missing from the list of integrations. They promise to streamline the hiring activity. Zoho apps that complete the list are Zoho CRM, Zoho, People, Zoho Writer, and Zoho Reports.

Alternatives to Zoho Recruit 

You can find many HR software alternatives on the market. Some are more expensive and offer more features; others are cheaper and deliver better support. Let’s see what differentiates Zoho Recruit from other recruit platforms:

  • Breezy – The market-leading features and excellent automation tools with the starting price by its abilities. Which is…expensive.
  • Sage HR – It has a cheaper pricing plan but does not include as many integrations as Zoho Recruit
  • Namely – An easy to learn, intuitive, and user-friendly cloud-based HR system that is best for every business size

Zoho Recruit Review Conclusions

 The way businesses operate has changed recently. Focusing on your people and potential future employees is essential during tough times. So why wouldn’t you take that opportunity if you can make a good impression from the beginning stages of your interactions? Being one of the best HR software, Zoho gives top recruit solutions to streamline the hiring workflow. With innovative core features presented in this Zoho Recruit review, companies might be interested in adopting modern hiring solutions. So, if you want to live the Zoho Recruit experience, take it for a spin!

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