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NordPass vs 1Password

Ana Maria Stanciuc

NordPass and 1Password are two well-known password managers in the market. They offer a seamless ability to create, manage, store, and use passwords across devices. They offer many features and provide an intuitive user interface for the best ease of use. Both have advantages and weaknesses. In this NordPass vs. 1Password comparison, you’ll find which best meets your requirements. We’ll compare these best password managers and give you a clear picture of which to choose. Let’s get started.

NordPass vs 1Password – which password manager should you choose?

Both 1Password and NordPass offer excellent password management solutions. NordPass is an excellent choice for individuals looking for a password manager within a budget. It uses modern encryption and offers unlimited password storage for its users. 1Password, on the other hand, is best suited for families or organizations who want a more straightforward way of creating, managing, and sharing passwords. It offers features such as Watchtower, Travel Mode, and tags/categorizing for better password organization and management.

Feature-wise, NordPass and 1Password suit various use cases. To get a clear picture, let’s compare Nordpass vs. 1Password! 

NordPass Features vs 1Password Features

  • Password Organization and Management

NordPass excels at password organization and management. It creates a secure environment for quickly generating, storing, and retrieving passwords. NordPass also offers an easy way to share passwords among co-workers, making it an excellent option for organizations and businesses. Additionally, you can use passkeys, which make switching between devices (mobile or desktop apps) seamless.

Furthermore, NordPass offers password import, saving passwords with a click, and login automatically features. Thanks to available extensions or from different devices, you can access passwords directly from the browser or from different devices, as it syncs passwords across phones, tablets, and computers. NordPass also identifies vulnerable passwords and checks for leaked data to ensure complete security.

1Password, on the other hand, also offers the best password organization and management features. It can generate, store, and access passwords securely. Organizations or individuals can use its robust classification and categorization system to store and access information with ease. For example, you can sort items into categories such as Logins, Credit Cards, Secure Notes, etc.

Like NordPass, 1Password supports passkeys, making sharing login credentials easy. Additionally, it offers a browser extension for easy access through a browser. If you want more control, you can create collections that let you see only the vaults and accounts you wish to use.

1Password’s developer tools enable organizations to take complete control over password management. With it, developers can create, manage, and sync SSH keys, making it easy to sync across devices. The 1Password CLI makes administrative tasks easy to handle. In addition, teams can push, pull, and sign Git commits with 1Password SSH.

  • Encryption

In terms of encryption, both 1Password and NordPass are good. They use strong encryption to store passwords, offering complete peace of mind. NordPass and 1Password use zero-knowledge architecture. This means that only the user can access the sensitive data, and even the company cannot access it even if they want to.

NordPass uses XChaCha20, a next-gen encryption algorithm that encrypts each bit individually. They shifted from the more commonly used AES-256 encryption, which uses block encryption. XChaCha20 is fast and works well on hardware without native AES hardware encryption, resulting in lower resource consumption.

In comparison, 1Password uses reliable 256-bit AES encryption and a 128-bit Secret Key to protect passwords in case of a server breach.

  • Monitoring

1Password’s Watchtower feature constantly looks out for any password leak in data breaches. If it finds any match, it’ll notify you instantly. Moreover, 1Password also informs users about duplicate or weak passwords so that they can take appropriate action to strengthen their security. Lastly, it also recommends sites where you must turn on two-factor authentication.

NordPass, on the other hand, offers Breach Scanner, a premium feature that scans and notifies you of leaked information, including passwords, credit card information, and email addresses.

  • Data Storage

1Password and NordPass offer unlimited password storage. However, things have changed regarding storage limitations for non-password content such as videos, photos, and documents. Regarding non-password storage, NordPass offers up to 2 TB (paid plans only). For the free plan, the limit is 3 GB. However, you’ll need to download the NordLocker app to use it.

For 1Password, you get 1 GB of storage, which can technically store unlimited passwords. Its business plan, on the other hand, offers 5 GB storage with the limitation of a maximum 2 GB file size. In short, NordPass offers better overall storage capacity. It is ideal for users who want to store documents, videos, or photos. However, if you want to store only passwords and credit card information, 1Password is the clear choice.

  • Multi-factor security

When it comes to multi-factor authentication, NordPass has more options than 1Password. With NordPass, you can set up multiple layers of protection via email confirmation, third-party security keys (ePass, Multipass), or authenticator apps such as Authy.

1Password, on the other hand, also offers two-factor authentication (2FA). You can use push notifications or authenticator apps like Microsoft Authenticator or Authy. Overall, both NordPass and 1Password offer multi-factor security, with NordPass offering more options than 1Password.

  • Privacy Policy

1Password follows a strict privacy policy for all its users. Due to its zero-knowledge architecture, they cannot access any of the user’s sensitive information. However, they do collect basic information, which is typical for cyber security companies. This information includes email addresses, payment information, types of accounts, IP addresses, and so on.

NordPass, similar to 1Password, follows a strict privacy policy thanks to its zero-knowledge architecture. NordPass also collects basic information, including email addresses, anonymized master password strength, item creation date, operation systems, etc.

  • Automatic Sync Across Devices

1Password and NordPass sync features ensure that all stored information is automatically shared across devices such as phones, tablets, or computers. NordPass and 1Password apps are available on all major OS, including Android, Linux, iOS, macOS, and Windows.

  • Password sharing

1Password makes it easy to share sensitive login information. You can share the saved items or password with a single link. All you need to do is select the recipient email, and 1Password will encrypt the message and send it to the recipient. To view the content, the recipient needs to verify the emails. If you’re on a 1Password Family, Team, or Business plan, you can share information more intuitively through Vaults as they offer access level and user permissions setups.

NordPass also offers a similar password-sharing feature through email. You can also share folders or transfer items in your vault to give someone else access.

  • Autofill

Securely storing passwords in the vault is half the work done. The best password managers also offer excellent autofill functionality to improve ease of use. Both NordPass and 1Pasword have seamless autofill features.

With NordPass, you can instantly autofill forms in your browser, leading to effortless logins and access to content. All you need to do is click on the box, and it’ll showcase the auto-full option. For 1Password, the autofill process requires a few more clicks: You need to click on the 1Password icon and then on the login item.

User Experience (UX) and Interface: NordPass vs 1Password

Using NordPass and 1Password is intuitive due to their excellent UI/UX design philosophy. There is zero learning curve; if you feel stuck, you can always get help from their detailed documentation and tutorials.

The user experience starts with signup. With 1Password, you get a 14-day free trial with new accounts. However, to avail it, you must enter your credit card details. Once you enter those details, 1Password Swifty creates a Secret Key and Emergency Kit. The Secret Key is your master password, which you’ll need every time you log in from a new device. On the other hand, the Emergency Kit takes care of emergencies where you forget your account details. It contains a PDF that lists the sign-in email address, an account password, a secret key, and a set-up QR code.

NordPass follows a similar route to 1Password when it comes to signups. However, you don’t need to enter credit card information here as it offers a free version. During the signup process, you must also create a master password.

Next comes the user interface.

NordPass UI is clean and modern across all supported devices. The same is true for 1Password, which aims to offer a more user-friendly UI. The core difference between NordPass and 1Password is the consistency of the UI across devices. NordPass provides a more consistent look, whereas 1Password UI doesn’t look the same across different devices/OS.

Lastly, we have the usability factor. Both NordPass and 1Password focus on simplicity and ease of use. You can easily capture passwords and use them across devices.

NordPass vs 1Password: Other aspects to consider

  • Data Import and Export

NordPass and 1Password support data import features. It enables you to quickly get started with your new password manager without doing any manual work. In this aspect, NordPass offers many options via CSV files or importing from other password managers such as Keeper, BitWarden, LastPass, 1Password, etc. NordPass also excels at importing data from browsers through its browser extensions.

1Password also makes data import seamless. However, the number of options seems limited, especially when importing from other password managers. It supports CSV, 1pif, or 1pux file forms for manual purposes. So, if you don’t see a direct import option, you can export in CSV format and do the import.

NordPass and 1Password support easy export (you need a master password to operate).

  • Travel Mode and Email Masking

1Password offers two unique features that NordPass lacks. These include Travel Mode and Email Masking. Travel Mode lets you filter out passwords/vaults you don’t need abroad. This removes unnecessary carrying of sensitive information, reducing security risks. It creates a local vault that replaces the encrypted full vault. The local vault only contains the items that you need during your travel. Email Masking is another helpful feature that masks your original email address. It enables safer signups and keeps your email private.

  • Mobile Apps

Both NordPass and 1Password offer mobile apps to improve ease of use. To use them, you need to download the apps from the respective Google Play Store or the Apple App Store (which one is applicable). NordPass maintains similar functionality across its desktop and mobile apps. This means you get every feature on the mobile app. 1Password, on the other hand, lacks full range of features. The 1Password mobile app offers basic features like autofill on its mobile apps.

  • Password Generator

1Password and NordPass offer a comprehensive password generator that lets you create unique passwords. These passwords are strong enough to withstand various cyber security attacks, including brute force ones.

1Password lets you choose the length of the password and the type of the characters, such as characters or words. You can also set the capital letters or digits used. It lets you generate hard-to-guess or memorable passwords of up to 100 characters or 12-digit PINs. NordPass is equally impressive. You can choose passwords up to 60 lengths, select the type of password, and toggle the use of digits, capital letters, and symbols.
Device Support and browser extensions

You can use NordPass and 1Password on unlimited devices. They also support all major devices and operating systems, including Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, and Windows. Furthermore, you also get access to browser extensions for popular browsers, including Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

  • Price-to-value ratio

Getting started with NordPass is easy, considering it has a decent free plan (with limited features). However, the paid plan is the way to go if you want more features, such as password sharing and scanning for data leaks. If unsure, you can always take advantage of NordPass’s 30-day money-back guarantee and see for yourself. 1Password lacks any free plan; all of its plans come with a 14-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

For paid plans, NordPass is a little cheaper than 1Password for both its individual and family plans. However, the price-to-value ratio improves for 1Password for family plans, considering that 1Password offers better parental control features and customization.

  • Customer Service

1Password follows an industry-standard customer service. It provides customer service via email, Twitter, and community. This means you’ll get support but might have to wait a few minutes to a few hours to get a response. NordPass vs 1Password offers better customer service as it offers 24/7 service via live chat and email. The live chat responses are almost instant, but the email responses can take a few hours to get a response.

In addition, you can always use NordPass and 1Password’s detailed knowledge base before contacting them.

  • Company Reputation and Third-Party Security Audits

1Password and NordPass are reliable cybersecurity companies. Third-party security audits can verify this reliability. 1Password is SOC 2 Type 2 certified, which means the auditing team can check four critical aspects of 1Password, including codebase, source code, cryptographic premise, and background application. It also requests third-party audits from Secfault, Recurity, Cure53, etc., to test out other areas, such as security architecture and infrastructure configurations.

NordPass is also SOC 2 Type 2 certified, which puts it on par with 1Password regarding third-party security audits.

The goal of these security audits is to find vulnerabilities and fix them. Both 1Password and NordPass took these audits seriously, fixing any vulnerabilities discovered quickly.

NordPass vs 1Password: Cost Analysis

NordPass and 1Password use different pricing models. NordPass offers two types of pricing: personal/family and business. The personal & family plan starts at $1.99 per month for individual users and $2.79 monthly for family plans (up to 6 users).

Only the Personal plans offer access to a free plan with minimal features, including autosave/autofill and the ability to store passwords, credit cards, and passwords. The free plan also has unlimited password vault storage capacity. NordPass business plans start at $1.79/user per month with features focused on collaboration, security, and professional support.

1Password, on the other hand, offers four plans: Individual, Families, Team Starter Pack, and Business. It doesn’t offer a free plan, but all plans come with a 14-day free trial. Their team and business starter plan offers enterprise-level integrations, advanced protection, and admin controls.

Alternatives to 1Password and NordPass

There are many viable alternatives to 1Password and NordPass, including Dashlane, Bitwarden, and LastPass.

Final Conclusion: 1Password vs NordPass

1Password is a secure, easy-to-use password manager for individuals, families, and businesses. Despite having no free plan, it offers users the chance to try out its service with a free trial and a money-back guarantee, establishing a solid trust. 1Password takes a more traditional approach to protection, using the industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption. Additionally, it houses one of the best password management tools, with the ability to create tags and categories, making it an ideal choice for families where vault management is necessary.

Additionally, it has Watchtower, which instantly notifies users of any leaked information and marks weak or duplicate passwords. If you’re traveling, you’ll find its travel mode handy, as it locks unsafe vaults during travel. Overall, 1Password is a feature-rich password manager with excellent UI/UX across devices and the ability to cater to family requirements with excellent password-sharing capabilities.

  • Easy to use
  • Supports all major devices and operating systems.
  • Generate complex passwords in characters, numbers, or words with varied lengths
  • Strong 256-bit industry-standard AES encryption.
  • 1 GB storage that lets you store unlimited passwords
  • Support for two-factor authentications, including push notification and authenticator apps.
  • Tag or categorize passwords or information for easy access
  • Developer-specific functionality such as SSH key management and use of CLI to do administrative tasks such as push, pull, or sign Git commits.
  • Excellent user interface on the desktop app
  • Travel mode, which offers extra security while travelling abroad.
  • Support for biometric logins
  • 24/7 email customer support, helpful and responsive
  • Supports email masking feature that lets you safely generate alternative linked email address
  • Support advanced sync mode that lets you sync solutions, including Dropbox, wireless LAN, local folder, WLAN server, and iCloud.

NordPass is a strong contender in the best password manager category. It is user-friendly and offers a free version for individuals. However, to take full advantage of it, you must use its paid version or try it out, as it provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.

NordPass does everything that 1Password offers (such as Breach Scanner to find leaked passwords or unlimited data storage). In some cases, NordPass is better, with more multi-factor authentication, seamless UI/UX experience across different apps and devices, and modern XChaCha20 encryption, which is faster and less resource-hungry.

  • Deploys a more advanced XChaCha20 encryption, a faster and less resource-hungry encryption
  • UI/UX design consistency across apps/devices.
  • Ability to generate complex passwords
  • Unlimited storage for password and document storage
  • Overall cheaper plans for individuals and family
  • Good company reputation thanks to third-party independent audits
  • Support for unlimited devices and major operating systems such as Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, etc.
  • Automatic sync across devices
  • Supports a variety of multi-factor authentication
  • Offers emergency access feature for complete peace of mind
  • 24/7 customer service via email and live chatbot.

The battle between NordPass vs. 1Password is over, and this is our conclusion. Overall, NordPass is a better choice if you’re an advanced user and are interested in how it uses technology to offer a strong password manager. It is relatively cheaper and also provides a free version. However, if you want a seamless password manager that can create, store, and share passwords across devices, then 1Password is the right choice. It offers excellent features such as Travel Mode, Watchtower, and excellent categorization features.


Ana Maria Stanciuc


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