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Keeper Security

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Keeper Security Reviews

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What is Keeper?

Keeper Security is a comprehensive cybersecurity platform designed to safeguard sensitive data, manage passwords, and protect businesses and individuals from cyber threats. Catering to a diverse clientele, from enterprises to families, Keeper offers a suite of specialized tools.

Their Privileged Access Management ensures controlled access to critical infrastructure, while the Secrets Manager securely stores and manages sensitive digital assets. The Connection Manager facilitates safe and seamless remote access to critical systems.

For businesses, Keeper offers robust protection against data breaches, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) benefit from a tailored password manager, streamlining client data protection.

On a personal level, Keeper ensures that individual users can securely store and manage their passwords, with a family plan available for holistic household protection.

In essence, Keeper Security provides a multi-faceted approach to digital security, ensuring peace of mind in an increasingly digital world.

Best For

Simple & Secure password management for personal & business use.
  • StartUps
  • Freelancers
  • Small Business
  • Medium Business
  • Large Enterprise
  • Non-profit Organization
  • Personal
  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
  • Mobile - Android
  • Mobile - iPhone
  • Mobile - iPad
  • Desktop - Mac
  • Desktop - Windows
  • Desktop - Linux
  • Desktop - Chromebook
  • On-Premise - Windows
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    Keeper Security

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Starting from:

$2.92 /month

Pricing Model: Subscription

Pricing Details:

Keeper Security pricing is divided into several sections: Enterprise & Business, Personal & Family, Student, and Military & Medical. It is an affordable password manager, with costs starting from $2.92/month for personal use or $3.75/month for business use. A Keeper Unlimited Free trial & Keeper Free version are available as well.

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Keeper Personal


Keeper Family


Keeper Business

  • Authentication
  • Real Time Notifications
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • User Management
  • Vulnerability Scanning

Additional Features

  • Encrypted Vault
  • Security Audit
  • Team Management
  • Single Sign-On
  • SCIM and Azure AD Provisioning
  • Email Auto-Provisioning
  • Password Storage
  • Fingerprint and Face ID Login
  • Emergency Access
  • Web app & Browser extensions
  • Secure Record Sharing


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Keeper is a well-known password manager in the market. You can use Keeper Password Manager to store your password securely if you are an individual or a business. With Keeper, you get seamless password capture and replay. It also comes with a browser extension for easy access to websites. At its core, you also get a digital vault that lets you store files and photos. Apart from that, you also get a password generator that generates strong 12-character passwords by default. Keeper Security also offers extensive business-related solutions.

Keeper Password Manager

It is a password manager app that allows you to store and manage your password securely. By using Keeper, you do not have to remember those long passwords or try to use only one password for every site out there. Keeper offers seamless password capture and replay. Moreover, it also works great when it comes to filling up forms. At the core, you get the Keeper Digital vault. Here is where all the passwords and logins are stored. A digital vault also lets you store photos and files when needed.

To ensure proper security, Keeper utilizes a zero-knowledge policy. Apart from that, the other key features include a digital vault, browser extension, password improvement, secure sharing, emergency access, and so on!

What is Keeper Security? - Honest Software Review by Tekpon

About Keeper

Keeper Security is a cybersecurity platform that protects users from cyberattacks and data breaches related to passwords. In their quest to provide the service, they offer one of the best password managers. Keeper provides solutions for businesses, enterprises, and the public sector. They also provide MSP (Management as a service program).

Their Keeper Password Manager comes with a powerful password generator. By default, it generates a strong 12-character password consisting of digits, letters, and special characters. Apart from that, the Keeper Password Manager comes with the following features:

  • Security
  • Browser extension
  • Multifactor authentication
  • Secure sharing
  • Version History
  • Emergency access
  • Form filling and payments
  • Password improvement
  • Digital vault
  • Password capture and replay

Keeper security vault

Keeper Security Vault is a digital platform that securely stores your logins, passwords, and other essential information in one place. Additionally, you can also save files and photos in this digital vault. You can access this vault across multiple devices and platforms. Keeper uses high-grade 256-bit encryption to safeguard the data stored in it. Moreover, they employ a zero-knowledge policy, which ensures that no data or information is stored online on Keeper’s servers.

Keeper Products

Keeper’s core product is its Password Manager. Apart from that, they also offer other cybersecurity products for business, including:

  • Dark Web Scan
  • Dark Web Monitoring & Account Takeover Protection

For personal, they offer the following products:

  • Password Manager and Vault
  • Free Dark Web Scan
  • Concierge Service
  • Private Messaging
  • Dark Web Monitoring and Account Takeover Protection

Details of Keeper Features

Keeper Security is fine-tuned to not only protect your passwords but also provide a seamless way to use those passwords yourself and with your team. To better understand Keeper Security, let’s go through its key features below.

Ease of Use

Keeper provides excellent ease of use for their users. The first few steps require you to install the application on your device. Furthermore, the installation process is intuitive. Once installed, you can use Keeper to add new application credentials. Also, when you visit a new site, it automatically stores the credentials. It does an excellent job by providing you with a lock to fill the forms when serving them.

Password Capture and Replay

Keeper password manager offers one of the finest password capture and replay. By default, it will capture the passwords of the sites that you visit. You can also manually add passwords to Keeper as well. If Keeper doesn’t automatically save your credentials, you can click the Keeper lock and create a new entry for that site.

Password Manager Software

However, what about sites where you already have saved credentials in Keeper? Keeper will automatically showcase the option to auto-fill the credentials on any of your saved sites when visited. If there is more than one account, it will also give you options to choose one. The lock menu also allows you to change the password of your existing accounts quickly.


Keeper utilizes a high level of security. It uses 256-bit data encryption to keep data secure. The encryption is also end-to-end, ensuring that no one can intercept the data during transmission. On top of the secure communication, they also pair the data with RSA 2048 keys – making them more secure.

Keeper also offers multifactor authentication you need to set up from the start. With two-factor authentication, you need your master password and an additional six-digital one-time password to access your account. Anyone accessing the master password cannot get into your account as it is protected using two-factor authentication.

Apart from that, Keeper utilizes the zero-knowledge model. Using the model means they do not store any information on their server; everything is done on your local machine.

Browser Extension

Keeper also comes with a fully functional browser extension. The browser extension is supported on all major browsers, including Chrome, Edge, and Opera. The browser extension offers you multiple options on the go. For instance, you get the options of the user guide, vault, settings, display locks, and logout. As you might have guessed, the settings option lets you go to the Keeper settings, where you can find more options to fiddle with.

Keeper Browser Extension

The browser extension also lets you quickly toggle the display locks option. This way, you can ensure more privacy. You can also opt to show the icon when moving your cursor over the field. Moreover, you can easily add entries from the extension, which can also be done using a desktop or web app.

Furthermore, the browser extension also lets you set autofill preferences per site. That’s incredible, considering you may not want the feature to pop up on a few sites where you fear privacy issues.

Digital Vault

Keeper Password Manager is more than just a password manager. It offers an excellent digital vault that you can use to store photos or files. You also store custom files as well. However, there is a limitation on storage. The basic subscription only allows for five such custom attachments. In terms of space, you get 10 GB of secure storage per year if you pay $9.99. However, if you want 1 TB of secure online storage, you must pay $749.99 annually.

Password Generator

Keeper Security comes with an excellent password generator. With the help of a password generator, you can generate strong passwords for your sites. The password generator creates a 12-character password by default. It utilizes numbers, letters, and symbols.

But you are free to change the password length and other vital characteristics. Keeper’s password generator also gives you access to a one-click password generator that defaults to 16-character passwords. Moreover, you can also change the site’s password quickly when logging in and set it to strong.

Password Improvement

Strong passwords are vital to securing your online accounts. To help you do so, Keeper comes with an audit section. The audit section gives you important information on your password and labels it as Weak or Reused. It also provides a strong score for each of your passwords. Moreover, you also get an overall strength of the passwords using percentages. By giving you a clear picture of your passwords, you can easily change them to be strong.

Password Improvement

Keeper’s approach to saving information is also different compared to other providers. They never get rid of the old data (or password) and keep a history for each one.

Multifactor Authentication

To protect your Keeper account more securely, it also offers multifactor authentication. Multifactor authentication helps protect your account in case your account password is compromised. So, if someone has to log in, they need a master password and the unique password generated during the login time and sent to you via email, SMS, or the authenticator app.

To ensure that users do not forget to enable multifactor authentication, Keeper will ask you to set it up during the first setup process. The multifactor authentication code is six characters long and is generated uniquely every time you log into your account. For authentication purposes, Keeper uses FIDO2 keys.

Lastly, it lets you set a multifactor authentication for each password entry – making it very hard for hackers to get into your account. To do so, you need the option for each password by navigating to the password entry and then choosing “Add Two Factor Code.”

Form Filling and Payments

Keeper provides seamless form filling and payments. Once you store credentials in the vault, they are readily accessible to the machine or platform you have Keeper installed. In the case of Keeper, you get a single identity to work with – under which you can store multiple addresses and phone numbers. Apart from that, Keeper also lets you store payment cards for easy reference.

Secure Payment details Storage

When filling out forms, you need to click on the lock icon. It will open up a popup where you can choose the detail you want to install. For instance, if you fill-up the address on a web form, you can click on the lock icon and select the address you want to fill in. The approach lets you manage multiple addresses in one identity.

Secure Sharing

Keeper Password Manager offers extensive secure sharing options. In most cases, you do not have to share your password. But, if there are instances that mean sharing credentials with your family or team members. The Keeper shows your password while ensuring complete control over your account. You need to enter the recipient’s email to share a record to get started. Once you do so, the recipient receives a notification on their Keeper account about shared credentials. If the recipient doesn’t have a Keeper account, they must create a free account to use the shared credentials.

Emergency Access

It provides emergency access to ensure that you always have access to your Keeper account. The emergency access is designed to help your trusted ally, friend, or family member access your account in case of emergency or untimely demise. The accounts shared via emergency access are only in read-only access.

To set up emergency access, you need to go to settings, choose Accounts, and then Emergency Access. From there, you can select five trusted individuals. Moreover, you can also set a timeout for each of the accounts. To ensure proper usage and management, you will be notified when any of your trusted individuals access the vault.

Version History

Keeper offers version history for passwords. Changing a password will create a new field and store the new password while keeping the old one intact. Doing so gives you the option to revert to old passwords if needed. The same feature is also applicable to files, which lets you keep your files more secure with more confidence.

Keeper Review Conclusions

Keeper’s approach to password management is not unique. However, they do it with extraordinary expertise. As a result, Keeper Password Manager provides excellent ease of use. In addition, its business and special offerings are fine-tuned to match the respective usage. For example, the Keeper Business Password Manager offers ransomware protection, data breach mitigation, compliance standards, and other business-related features. In contrast, the personal version offers features fine-tuned for individuals.

With an extensive set of features and excellent password-sharing options, we do recommend Keeper.


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