Is Quillbot the best paraphrasing tool for students?

Author Cristiana
Updated Dec 15th, ’22
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Have you ever found yourself struck down by a lack of inspiration at the wrong time? When all your activity was related to being creative and delivering great ideas. Or, when those big ideas were already there, you found it hard to formulate and put them in the right words. This might be a student struggle, especially for projects and research papers. Sometimes it is not enough to place your blanket on a lighted lawn and contemplate the landscape, hoping that the inspiration comes back. Of course, this option is worth trying, but often students have limited time that does not allow this luxury. So, today we will talk about more mundane and pragmatic solutions. For example, about the greatest writing and paraphrasing tool that will have you ask, ‘Where has this piece of software been all my life?’. 

If I was too elliptical, it’s Quillbot I’m talking about. A rewording tool that I would have liked to know earlier in my student years. Let’s see what it offers and why it should become the master tool for students who want to improve their written content.

What is Quillbot used for?

Quillbot is a paraphrasing tool that uses state-of-the-art AI. Thus, the Quillbot paraphrase tool helps users provide professional writing pieces through rephrasing, spelling, grammar checking, summarizing, and rewording. More than this, being an AI-powered machine, Quillbot manages to understand what your text is about and gives accurate suggestions for improvements. In addition, you can set the tone and style you want Quillbot to follow for your writing. This way, your piece of content will be consistent and more understandable. 

All of us have been students once with ideas scattered all around without being able to gather them in the most professional way possible. Thus, this AI writing assistant is the one to put your thoughts and ideas into place. This way, anyone who will read will instantly get what you are trying to say.

In addition, the Quillbot paraphrasing tool is trusted by people from a wide range of activity fields, such as professional writers, marketers, bloggers, and business people. Thus, because it is used in professional areas, it is also a guarantee for students that this rewriting tool will make their writing pieces stand out! So, let’s see how Quillbot can add value to a student’s life.

Quillbot Modes

Can students become better writers with QuillBot?

First of all, we need to clarify what being a good writer means. Creating good writing pieces is largely related to language, vocabulary, and structure. The words must be chosen to reflect the topic you are debating. Moreover, the paragraphs must be placed logically to make the text easy to understand. At the same time, the language must be of good quality and in line with the chosen subject.

But what if we’re talking about an essay or a research paper where the imagination and creativity of the author are just not enough to write a good text? A well-researched and documented essay needs inspiration from other sources. And here we have to admit. The first instinct is to copy the entire text to simplify our work. However, this is a widely contested method. To avoid plagiarism, paraphrasing and rephrasing sentences from the original text is a fair and well-embraced solution. And it is also easy to use!

Thus, how can writing tools for students allow them to enhance their texts and let them avoid unpleasant situations like plagiarism? A plagiarism checker like the Quillbot app might be the answer. And this is possible due to the capabilities and the various writing modes this paraphrasing tool offers.

Quillbot Plagiarism Checker

Sound more professional

The automatic paraphrasing tool named Quillbot helps students during deadlocks. Specifically, when writing manually is beyond their reach. This app takes the text and adjusts it while keeping the original content’s meaning. How is this possible? Because the Quillbot app replaces words from your text with equations and synonyms.

After trying it a bit, we saw that Quillbot gives an accurate synonym for most of the words included in our testing content. Moreover, Quillbot is also a sentence rephrase and a rewording tool since it changes the sentence order and wording to avoid plagiarism. Finally, let’s not forget about the grammar checking and spell assistance capabilities to make your essays more professional.

Quillbot Error Free

Be more concise

Sometimes we have so many ideas and creative resources that we tend to create very long sentences that become difficult to understand. Quillbot summarizer uses natural language processing to condense articles into short and easy-to-read text snippets. Like that, you’ll get straight to the point with your writing pieces. Additionally, this essay rewriter tool manages to locate and keep the essential information so that the altered text maintains the initial context and meaning. 

Shorten Mode

Add a glimpse of creativity

Besides formal, simple, expand, shorten, and fluency modes, the Quillbot paraphrasing tool offers a creative mode giving you more freedom of writing. This text changer capability can completely alter the meaning of the text. Here you can do the most experimenting because the creative mode it’s where the biggest changes happen. Hence, you can get a wholly different text.

Is quillbot a good writing tool for students?

We think it is. Quillbot gives accurate words and rephrasing suggestions so that everyone who is not so good with words but has great ideas can enhance their texts. Moreover, using this app is like a foray into being a good writer. Therefore, this can help students improve their vocabulary and language. However, this writing assistant is a reliable help for the English language. Nevertheless, not only English speakers can use Quillbot. Let’s think of Erasmus students or colleges with special English classes programs.

In addition, students must also consider the price of the suite of features. When you are a student, paying for things is not the most comfortable option. We have all been there. However, the Quillbot paraphrase tool welcomes students with a free version of the application. Indeed, it is not rich in features as the premium version and has limited capabilities, but it is still a good solution.

App for Students

Quillbot – text changer more like a game-changer

Of course, we all go through moments when we feel uninspired. A tool like Quillbot would have helped me rewrite my essay in my senior year. This essay bot works as a text changer, but I’d rather call it a game-changer. Although it is a piece of technology, Quillbot manages to preserve the original message by adjusting it naturally. Besides making your work easier and saving you much time, this paraphrasing tool makes your texts look professional, clear, fluent, and understandable. Would you give Quillbot reword generator a try?