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3 Great tools to protect your business digital assets

Cristiana Trifu - Tekpon Author

Almost all companies’ activities and processes happen in the digital environment. The resources used to run the business are digitally stored. From online marketing campaigns, company websites, customers’ information, and overall business processes. These digital assets are not to be shared with anyone outside your company. Sometimes, it is risky even when the company’s staff has access to all this information.

Not even someone who might think they have a not-so-interesting life would want to have their data out to sea. Think about what that would mean for a business. For example, Google Drive holds many crucial components of a business’s activities. But you can’t rely only on those security measures. Digital asset management software is the best solution to keep business information in a safe and secure place.

Ensure Digital Assets Security

Before attempting to find a DAM solution, you must first piece together the digital assets your company has and wants to protect. An inventory of these digital assets is essential since a company joggles with lots of data daily. To not miss a thing, create a list with all the types of digital assets your company relies on. Then, consider using one of the following digital asset management software.


Canto software is a digital management system that undertakes the protection of a business’s digital resources. This DAM solution offers companies a platform where they can organize and manage assets easily. Among other things, Canto focuses on the visual aspect of the product so teams can work together with digital assets in a friendly environment. For example, this app can organize your social media assets by folders, albums, keywords, or smart tags. Also, to improve teams’ workflow, Canto software has search capabilities filtered by dates, facial recognition, authors, or types of digital assets you insert. Canto has secure data centers and is SOC 2 compliant regarding security features. Moreover, you can customize permission for different users like vendors, company staff, and collaborating agencies.

Shortly, Canto software has a great visual interface and outstanding user experience, allowing them to browse the app with ease. Moreover, this digital asset management system provides robust features, no file-size limit, and excellent security options.

Canto Manage Assets


Another great tool to organize digital assets is Publitio. This highly secure and cloud-based digital asset management system allows users to host, upload, convert, and monetize images and videos. You can see Publitio as a media asset management solution. It can be used as a web platform or a mobile app.

Thus, if you work daily with large amounts of video and image materials, Publitio can store and manage assets. More than this, it allows you to share them with your team. This digital asset management software supports various video and image formats. It also has converting capabilities within the app via a URL-based transformation. Also, the Publitio media asset management tool provides a WordPress plugin. Basically, all media assets from WordPress are downloaded into the Publitio cloud. This way, you can delete the media content from the server and enjoy your website’s higher speed.

With Publitio, businesses get unlimited image and video file storage and great features across an easy-to-use and set-up platform. In addition, users can monetize their digital content.

Publitio DAM solution


Perhaps the first thing we should start with is that Widen uses Amazon Web Services, making it a great cloud-based service with greater scalability. This app is perfect for centralizing legal documents, reports, images, audio files, videos, or work-in-progress assets. Due to automation features, organizing and managing assets is a piece of cake with Widen. Users can save time by automating manual tasks such as tagging, image, and video conversion, setting up rule-based notifications, and importing metadata.

As for the administrative features, this dam solution supports an end-user license agreement that is customizable. Also, you can track users’ actions like search activity, login, and downloads. The digital asset management software is based on Amazon infrastructure, making it SOC-2 compliant. Thus, data is encrypted, and backups are stored in cold storage.

Widen Organize Assets

You can secure any digital resource using DAM software. You can find various tools, from social media assets protection software to financial asset management systems. Question your needs and see what product is best for your business!