Top 3 Data management tools to use for your organization

Cristiana Trifu - Tekpon Author

Data has the power to raise and drop the success of a company. After all, they are the key components of the life of a business. When managed properly, data reduces the risk of making errors. Businesses ask questions, and data lets them know the answer. These small pieces of information put together and organized efficiently have the ability to create the bigger picture of your business. Based on this image, managers and other people in decision positions can make a well-thought-out move. And this is where data management tools come in. 

Joggling with large amounts of data is difficult to control and operate with. Thus, a data management platform can handle a company’s most important digital assets very well. 

Best data management software for small and large businesses

With the increasing rate of internet and online operations, dividing business data into folders is a practice from the realm of the past. And this happens mainly because the actual requirements of the modern world largely exceed those of the olden times. Efficient data management tools store, organize and manage data. Hence, we compiled a list of the greatest MDM solutions that help you grow your business.


RingLead is the ultimate marketing tool that helps every marketer enhance their customer database. This SasS data quality platform is a cloud-based solution that works best for data cleaning, capturing, protecting, and enriching. The RingLead quality suite provides real-time data management and includes crowdsourced intelligence. 

This data quality tool integrates with many apps such as Zoho, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Outreach. Moreover another great thing is that it supports the Salesforce platform so that you can transfer and optimize data. The Salesforce lead management solution can run many data processes, including cleaning, preventing, segmentation, data exchanging, etc. Thus, by integrating CRM and lead technologies tools, RingLead can enhance the sales portal. 

What is also impressive to RingLead are its automation capabilities that handle the problems related to data very well. This way, you are no longer in charge of solving them manually. Removing duplicates and bad data is not a complicated business for this data quality tool. Furthermore, besides being a data cleaning app, RingLead allows users to segment their audiences and create a scoring model via a drag and drop interface. 

RingLead Salesforce Lead Management

Melissa Data

One of the most accurate and reliable data management tools is Melissa Data. All your expectations from Melissa Data are met in real-time. This app performs very well with data cleaning, data enriching, data updating, and data prevention. Specifically, the condition imposed by this data quality tool is for data to be accurate. Data that don’t meet this requirement are prevented from entering your system. In addition, you can update and enrich your database constantly. Finally, this data management clean app closely oversees your business data to identify potential flaws and monitor improvements over time. 

Melissa Data lookup is a very popular and useful feature because it organizes data from addresses formats to federal resources. Moreover, Melissa offers a clean suite that integrates with CRM data platforms and Salesforce. The result of these integrations is a solid automation feature that makes Melissa one of the best database software. Furthermore, this data management platform offers an eCommerce data cost calculator, accuracy, good data validation, and data privacy and protection. 

MelissaData Personator


A data management platform that has developed and grown simultaneously with the amounts of data in the digital society is DemandTools. This data management platform has been on the market for 20 years. However, worldwide businesses, NGOs, and marketers are just some of the most common users of this platform. Why? Because DemandTools proved to be one of the best data management tools solutions over time.

The software is also a CRM data quality solution that helps you manage and supply high-quality data. Moreover, it helps with data cleaning by providing different modules for data deduplication. The DemandTools data quality tool is a reliable lead management software offering users conversion options for leads without the trouble of duplicating contacts and accounts.

To sum up, DemandTools is a data quality tool that integrates with tools for CRM data management. Thus, with an easy-to-use interface, diverse functionality, and the Demand Tools Salesforce API, the premises of a successful application are built. Moreover, the deduplication feature helps businesses eliminate extra and useless information.

DemandTools Data Management Tools

If you are looking for the best database software, these data management tools would likely help you shed some light on messy data. Use these top database software and tools for CRM to professionally manage your business data!