How to use explainer videos for the benefit of your business

Cristiana Trifu - Tekpon Author

Our attention is increasingly limited nowadays. We are exposed daily to all kinds of content, be it text, images, videos, or ads. As a result, we get out of focus and zone out from the immense amount of information at some point. But when a piece of content brings added value and is eye-catching and of high quality, it will stop a few internet users and capture their attention for a few seconds. Today we will talk about explainer videos, a great marketing strategy that can bring many benefits to your business.

But why is it so important to make videos for your company in the first place? If we were to rely on statistics and data on this subject, we would see that video-making is an efficient strategy. A study conducted by Optinmonster shows that 84% of customers said that seeing a brand’s video encouraged them to buy a product or service. Isn’t that what every business owner wants?

Five reasons to start using explainer videos to grow your business 

In a digital environment that’s too noisy and oversaturated by dull video content, your explainer clips might be what most internet users would like to see. Especially if they manage to be creative, engaging, interesting, and present your products and services as clearly and concisely as possible.

That’s what explainer videos are about – selecting the appropriate product presentation form so that your audience will get, in a captivating way, that’s what your business is all about. Think about whiteboard videos and how compelling it becomes to present relevant information about a specific topic. These informative and educative pieces of content best communicate what your business provides for the customers. 

Explainer videos seem to be the best solution to boost brand awareness, engage web visitors, turn them into customers, increase conversion rates, and give your business a clearer image. We have more solid reasons to believe this is an effective method to get the results you want. Hence, we want to share them with you!

  • Make a good impression on your audience

Explainer videos show that you, as a business, know who you are and what you want to achieve. Moreover, it is a sign that you are interested in making people understand the products and services. This will make clients and potential customers think of you as a professional company that wants to help them overcome their struggles. Thus, animated explainer videos let you create comprehensive and engaging storytelling. 

Positive Reacts to Video Making

With explainer videos is easy to clarify your overall business activity and inform and educate your public. Approaching this digital marketing strategy with transparency can surely increase user engagement. Finally, this will grow your business. 

  • Pitch your products clearer

Before making a purchase, many people want to know in great detail what your company does, what you have to offer, and how your products work. In addition, they want to know if what you’re selling can help them solve their problems and if it’s worth the acquisition. Thus, explainer videos have long been a crucial component of a marketer’s toolkit. 

Pitch Products

This way, explainer videos, and animation clips can be your to-go strategy. Tell them all the things they might be interested in and all the things you want them to know. Present in your video ideas that are interesting and captivating for your audience. Furthermore, explainer videos can provide far more information than text blocks. At the same time, everything becomes clearer when you support your information with graphics. People’s interest in your items may rise as things get clearer. Your sales will eventually rise as well.

  • Google loves dynamic images

It is a well-known fact that Google has a soft spot for websites that manage to get people to spend more time reading or watching their content. Because explainer films boost the likelihood of viewers spending more time on your website, it’s easy to see why video production is so popular. However, if your website visitors spend more time on your page, this signals to Google that your material should be ranked higher in searches. As a result, having an SEO-friendly video explainer on your website dramatically improves your chances of ranking higher.

SEO-friendly Videos

  • You might go viral someday

If, in addition to creating a strictly informational video explainer, you make creative efforts to make it entertaining and relatable to a large majority of people, it is likely to become popular. Furthermore, people also appreciate dynamic images like GIFs. Thus, you can convert your videos into any format and give them a new look with the right video-making tools. 

Additionally, if your explanation about a specific product and service is useful, you will get shares and many positive reactions. People will see your explainer videos and think that others can benefit from watching them. Thus, word of mouth or a shared video is a goldmine. 

Viral Explainer Videos

  • Information retention & audience attention

Another great benefit when using video editing software for explainer videos is the following. First, people exposed to video content are more likely to understand and retain the information presented than if exposed to written content. Moreover, when you use an animation video with characters and cartoons to explain tough concepts, the audience can identify with those. This way, you will easily catch their attention. In addition, they will want to keep up with your explanations until the end. 

People process video content way faster than written text. This is most likely related, in part, to our tendency to avoid mentally strenuous tasks. Entertainment videos and captivating animated videos will always pique our interest. Hence, choosing an explainer video to stick the message into the public’s heads can be a great decision! It is a customer engagement strategy worth trying.

Animation Clips

All in all, explainer videos are a great customer engagement strategy. All kinds of content and ads dominate the online world. Yet, people get easily distracted and can’t pay much attention to them. Thus, it is up to you to find a way to make them interested in your products and services. So, explainer videos can tickle web visitors’ curiosity, providing them a fun way to learn new things. Make your company’s activity clearer to clients and potential customers, and see how this marketing strategy boosts your business!