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Demandtools is a data management tool launched 20 years ago. It’s developed by CRMfusion, a company that was acquired by Validity back in 2018.

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DemandTools Features

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About DemandTools

What is DemandTools?

Demand tools is a top-rated data quality management tool that helps an organization supply high-quality data. In other words, it’s an extension of Salesforce that allows users to maintain, clean, dedupe, and compare external data to internal. Thus, Demand tools’ mission is to reduce time wasted by employees on data quality issues, sales, and marketing costs and reduce duplicate records. Furthermore, the DemandTools from Validity suite is a collection of practically three different products:

  • DemandTools– the flagship product which helps you manage your data
  • DupeBlocker– prevents duplicates with real-time deduplication with every new record creation.
  • PeopleImport– import data without worrying about dupes, update existing data, compare incoming data to an existing one, add new leads and contacts.

Who uses DemandTools?

Above all, worldwide businesses, administrations, non-profit organizations, and marketing professionals use and can use the software. CRMfusion Demand tools have price plans accessible for all its users, including a 5 days free trial.

Overview of what Demandtools includes - Tekpon

DemandTools Features

  • Cleansing Modules
  • Maintenance Modules
  • Discovery Modules

Still foggy on what is DemandTools? Now, let’s dig deeper into it and find out what it does in each module.

The DemandTools Salesforce Cleansing Module

Above all, this module will clarify an essential question that we have been asking ourselves about Salesforce Demandtools all along.

How does Demand Tools identify duplicates in Salesforce?

Well, it’s pretty easy. The module includes three separate functions: single table dedupe, DupeBlocker, lead conversion.

Firstly, the single table dedupe feature stands for finding and merging duplicates. Secondly, DupeBlocker provides real-time data deduplication across all objects at the source. More importantly, this is done through an advanced matching algorithm, custom master record selection, and field data retention.

Once installing DupeBlocker in Salesforce will prevent:

  • Duplicate records
  • Web lead duplication
  • Salesforce to Salesforce Dupes

So, the duplication software helps stakeholders make accurate sales forecasts, appropriately delegating tasks in marketing and better customer services. Through DupeBlocker Salesforce, you can create a not only custom duplicate searching scenarios and but also remove duplicates automatically or send warning messages to the implicated parties.

Deduping overview Dupeblocker- Reviews

Additionally, Dupeblocker is Salesforce’s lightning design system ready. Consequently, it’s easy to use for an optimized workflow, has a user-friendly interface, and follows strict design principles to deliver a world-class experience.

Lastly, the module offers the option to convert leads using conversion options and multi-layer matching techniques, avoiding duplicate contacts and accounts.

The Demand Tools Maintenance Modules 

The maintenance module will not only clarify some fundamental questions about importing and but also exporting data into CRMfusion DemandTools.

Thus, if you wonder not only how that works but what benefits it brings, then bear with me, and let’s dive deeper. Explicitly, it includes seven features: Mass Impact, Mass Effect, PeopleImport, PowerGrid, Reassign Ownership, BulkBackup, and Report Edit.

Mass Impact

Now, let us start with Mass Impact, which saves you time by allowing you to modify thousands of existing custom formulas or use user-specific. It’s practically a multi-table data manipulator.

The module provides a preselected number of objects from the database to go through a set of uniform changes directly in the Salesforce data center without importing or exporting the records. In addition, Mass Impact has multi-table capabilities. In conclusion, it can also run schedule scenarios, and its advanced operator changes can modify data fields in various ways.

MassImpact Maintenance Module - Tekpon Reviews

Mass Effect

Mass Effect allows you to manipulate data from import to deletion and even undelete records with an easy-to-use ETL tool with build-in data standardization. More precisely, you can update information through CRMfusion Demand Tools from CSV., Xls., Xlsx., mdb, or udl. files in Salesforce, migrate data from legacy systems and update any Salesforce object, including custom. Moreover, it allows you to insert attachments from the file on your computer, insert new tasks, opportunities, and events. Mass Effect supports all international characters and advanced file formats.


The Demand Tools PeopleImport feature helps you streamline the import process from lead generation activity such as tradeshows, affiliate marketing, and other marketing campaigns. To clarify, PeopleImport lets you import data in one single step. The software has deduplication software embedded into its advanced matching algorithms.

It allows you to create scenarios on how to import data in Salesforce and compare the data ready for import to the existing data such as leads, contacts, etc., creating new records and updating existing ones.

PeopleImport Feature Maintenance Module- Tekpon DemandTools Review

PeopleImport by Validity also allows you to add and assign tasks upon import, add campaigns, and even insert leads and contacts to other Salesforce operations in a single process. To make future similar tasks a breeze, you can save scenarios to use in similar situations.

Looking into the more practical side of things. For instance, let’s say you have many leads at your disposal, and you are wondering how to manage your time. You are wondering:

Validity how long does it take to import data into Salesforce with Demand Tools?

The answer is: it depends on the size of the import, dupes, and many more. Therefore, we would say that the time is as good as others, but the ease of the process, add campaigns, and create scenarios that will save you time, in the long run, makes PeopleImport of DemandTools top notch.

However, to be more specific, we asked ourselves:

Salesforce, how long will it take to load 1 million records with Demand Tools?

So, we took action and requested their prompt customer service team. In conclusion, for a 1 million database, it would take you about 1 hour.


The PowerGrid function allows you to apply changes to an entire data set to modify data record-by-record in a grid-based view. This helps you with merging, identifying, and purge insufficient data.

Reassigning Ownership & BulkBackup

You can mass transfer records ownership through the Reassigning Ownership option and all related to them with single permission or multiple rule-based assignments. Furthermore, Report Edit lets you customize Salesforce reports by changing their name, description, and folders or delete reports altogether. Lastly and more importantly, BulkBackup allows you to create an automatic backup. You can save the bulk API as a .accdb or .csv file format.

The DemandTools Discovery Modules

Finally, the discovery module offers you two features for finding and verifying contacts: Find/Report IDs and EmailConnect.


The Find/ReportIDs helps you compare data from external files such as excel files to Salesforce records of any entities and return the Salesforce ID and other Salesforce field data when matched.

Discovery module find id - Reviews by Tekpon


Also, EmailConnect helps screen and verify mail addresses in bulk and on a schedule. It logs the results data in Salesforce through BriteVerify email verification technology.

In conclusion, DemandTools it’s a solution that offers an easy-to-use and accessible solution for deduping records, importing and screening lists, and standardizing or mass-modifying data for an accessible price charged per user.

DemandTools Pricing

Starting From: $10/user/month

Pricing Model: Subscription

Free Trial: 5 days

For non-profit organizations, there is a 20% discount available upon application. For more pricing plans, please check out the full price range in the DemandTools pricing section.

DemandTools Integration

Since we clarified what DemandTools is, features and pricing, let’s find out how and how we can use the software for deduplication, import and manage your data.

What is DemandTools compatible with?

CRMfusion DemandTools is compatible with:

Above all, the software is most commonly used with Salesforce.

How to tell if we have DemandTools?

Hmm… a good question. Let’s take a look.

  • Make sure your organization has one of the CRM tools with which CRMFusion Demand Tools is compatible
  • Make sure you have the web application installed on your computer
  • Check if you have a subscription plan
  • Start using the program through the desktop app.

However, these steps apply if you have a computer running Windows. Things get a bit more complicated if you are a MAC user.

DemandTools Implementation

DemandTools comes as a 32bit/64bit .NET Windows smart client application that you easily install on your PC. Also, it takes as little as 10-15 min to install, and afterward, it extends and administrator’s control of your Salesforce data or other CRM tools.

However, Demandtools can only be used on MAC if you use it combined with BootCamp, Parallels, or counterparts that support a Windows environment.

Meanwhile, the only feature that can run without any help on a MAC is Trust Assessment, which installs locally. Thus, Trust Assessment will only deliver you a data trust score, industry benchmark, business functions breakdowns, and redemptions plan to help you understand in which state your data is.

DemandTools Alternatives

As we become more digitalized, data quality becomes more critical. So, let’s look at a few software tools that can equally compete with demand tools to reduce, import, and manage data.

Top Demand Tools Alternatives

DemandTools Review Conclusion

Now, if you’re asking yourself – is DemandTools worth it? In conclusion, if you are a Salesforce user, it is at the given price point and features it has. The software will save you time and money in the long term.

Well, isn’t this what we are looking for? Not only to be faster, more precise but also to automate as much as possible from our tasks. However, if you are a MAC user, we would suggest you think twice as it’s complicated to make it work.

To wrap up, we loved the tool, but we are looking forward to seeing the MAC version of DemandTools from Validity.